iPhone XS Max vs OnePlus 6 Speed Test & RAM Management! (MYTH-BUSTED?)

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iPhone XS Max is the latest and the best iPhone yet, OnePlus 6 is also packed with the latest and the best hardware on an Android Phone, So do you think the ‘Flagship killer’ OP6 can beat the new iPhone XS Max despite having one-third the price tag?

Though it sounds exciting, in real life tests, you might get disappointed big time! Watch the video and check yourself!

Battery Charging Speed Test:
Drain Test:

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Bengali Channel:


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  1. Dislike on your video says it all…oneplus is better value for money, and other aspects…
    And are you willing to pay 1 lakh rupees just to get 3-4 sec. extra speed on iPhone??

  2. I own both phones but when I compare game op 6 always opens asphalt 9, temple run 2 faster than xs max I can’t understand why ur op 6 is so slow may be because u don’t reset ur device after update

  3. Let me check my one plus 6's response time….
    guess what ?…it took .00001 second for turning dislike button from gray to blue …you are right… it's slow…i need that xs max to dislike your video even faster

  4. First of all, you didn't show us the recent apps after you reboot your phones.
    Second, is the OnePlus are brand new too?
    Third, you need to check your freaking eyes. I saw in this video oneplus was faster on Instagram etc but you said, "definitely iPhone was faster…" Wow good job haha

  5. Oh man! I use to watch ur all phone reviews during 2013-14 and again i found uh! Wow ur voice and the wooden table u always use for unboxing
    It is so nice to see u again! I love ur samsung galaxy note 2 unboxing and grand 2 ! I use to watch that for around 20-30 times daily for approximantely 3 months