iPhone Xs Max vs OnePlus 6 Speedtest! PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, Geekbench 4 Tested!

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The iPhone Xs Max sports the A12 bionic processor, but can Apple’s latest iPhone compete with the incredibly optimized OnePlus 6 and its’ Snapdragon 845 processor? Let’s find out!

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  1. Awesome video. Looking forward to an comparison with Rog Phone vs XS Max in terms of heat and throttling after playing for prolong periods

  2. It's just because the apps are more optimised for iOS as app developers don't have to focus on compatibility over millions of different hardware. So they don't have to make it more generic and slow. But that doesn't mean iPhone chip is more faster. It means that the apps and hardware are better optimised for each other…

  3. Honestly, both phones are good.

    The iphone is faster, but it's a lot more expensiveband it lacks features that even phones for a 100 euro/dollars have.

    Honestly i would go for the one plus 6, simply because it has a lot more features, is way less expensive and because even thoe Iphone is faster it's not on a noticable margin.