iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Speed Test

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iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Speed Test

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  1. If you go into developer options and set Window animator and Transition animator to off and set animation duration scale to 0.5x it moves quite a bit faster opening apps

  2. This was a great shootout for sure. I'll admit the iPhone can launch most games faster but if you were to keep launching more and more games on them both, I bet the iPhone gets bogged down first of the two. The iPhone is a premium experience for sure and it's always got a place in the market, even coming from a Ride or Die Note user such as myself. My business partner is on iOS and when it comes to running Customer Management Clients and software like Thryve and Dex and things like that, we've noticed that the iPhone is suffering from serious slowdown when accessing our 20,000 plus "items" both locally and from the cloud. I'm continuing to keep an eye on it and we'll see where it goes. Great video Coach and thanks for taking the time to make it and turn on Performance Mode lol. Sidenote: performance mode actually isn't as terrible on the battery as I though it would be

  3. That color is just beautiful??? super happy with my XS. Wish Black or Gold was available in the states this year for the Note 9. RAM Management seems to be better this year with iOS 12 too which nice ??