iPhone XS Review in 2020!

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iPhone XS Review in 2020!

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  1. Hlo bro meri sister muje apna iphone xs de rhi hai kya mai iphone xs lu ya poco m2 pro manie pehla kabi iphone nhi use kiya kya iphone xs in 2020 good choice hai

  2. Is it okay if my display of my xs changes the tone color (yellow and more blue) when I move my phone? I mean it is very noticeable in white backgrounds

  3. I wanna take iphone Xs but it's not available any of the shop in my town they said production is off now online is aslo not available soo what should i doo..??or should i goo for iphone 11..?

  4. Battery percentage is just a virtual thing. Iphone calculates your charge cycles and determines the percentage. So it does not literally say your battery life. Even with low health people used to get 4.30 – 5.30 hours of screen on time. For a quick tip, just dont drop your bettery below 20% so iphone will not consider that as a complete charge cycle.

  5. I would suggest no need of buying dongle of 3.5 jack. Neither we need to buy 🍎 airpods as everyone cannot purchase.

    Solution go for any noise or any brand TWS pods for min of 2300-5000k excellent performance no issues.

    Secondly xs & xs max comes in 3 colours not white

    1) gold
    2) space grey
    3) silver (not white)