iPhone XS – The Final Review

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It’s time to pour one out for the Apple iPhone XS. Now that the iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro are on the horizon, the iPhone XS will be nothing more than a fond memory. Let’s see how the device changed throughout this past year.

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  1. I usually run out of room on my phones and with 128g my 6s was the exception. But that was with aggressive deletion of video. So when I bought the Xs, I opted for the 512. Good Lord! I’m going to end up using my Xs to edit video instead of my iPad Air 2 because of all this space. I’d like to think that I’d never run out of space but I bet I could get very close.

  2. I have the XR and the XS pretty much brand new. The portrait mode on the XS is broken in lower light such as bright white light in a household bulb. Somehow Apple decided to create the 2X zoom and make the software rely on it for its portraits out of the telephoto lens with a much worse aperture. If they literally update the phone to use its main lens it would match the XR but because of this the XR is the easy winner with myself not ever using telephoto in my daily life as Opposed to portrait. However I was one to immediately notice the resolution of the XR display and for that reason the XS was my choice of phone. My last Huawei phone had a much better LCD display which is disappointing that people generally say Apple has arguably the best LCD. Huawei P 20 comes with a 1080p LCD display with HDR 10 and will melt the screen of the Apple XR and 11 till this day and it was released 7 Months before iPhone XR. I think because huawei is banned in the US they aren’t even considered in the market as a competitor or worthy of YouTube reviews but I can promise you besides internal hardware it destroys Apple at picture quality, camera function, and post processing features right out of the gate.

  3. I had convinced myself to get the 11, but now I'm pretty sure I'll just get the XS and save some money, then upgrade in like '21.

  4. I am so excited to get my new iPhone XS. A big chain technology store has taken $300 off the original price due to Christmas sales and new phones making there way onto shelves. I have gone from wanting to have the xr to the x back to the xr. I am getting it in a weeks time and I am beyond excited. I broke my iPhone 6 a couple months back from dropping it in the toilet and am currently have a cheap android phone. I can’t wait to upgrade and wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had videos like this to inform me, as well as helping me make my decision. Although there are not different colours I am still excited to get mine!

  5. So I guess I’m the only buy I’ve a had a 64 gb iPhone for just about a year now have 3000 photos a bunch of games 100’s of downloaded music and only used 20 gb 😂