iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 Camera Comparison!

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The iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 / XL camera comparison. Both of these phones take great pictures but one of them does a much better job! Watch for the full review. Check out LastPass here –

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  1. Great video, Matthew! I agreed with everything you said except the very last comparison – 4k video. I thought the Pixel was washed out whereas the colours in the iPhone were vibrant. But yeah otherwise the Pixel crushed it 🙂

  2. moral of the story, "the iPhone did good, but (has an orgasm) the pixel 3 looks so god damn good!" I saw it coming at the start of the video "(has short orgasm)we already know who has won" this video is biased. im also sure he only showed the pics where the pixel clearly won.

  3. Absolutely love this camera comparison I love that Pixel3XL it's my favourite phone of this year but the video quality of iPhoneXS of amazing and also the Pixel3XL video it's absolutely amazing when it's come to stabilization but audio is week on Pixel3XL and can be solve through software update but video quality of iPhoneXS is amazing

  4. I'd rather have to spend a minute in post processing to bump up the contrast, sharpness, and white balance with the iPhone just so I don't have to deal with that terrible mic on the pixel 3. Night sight is awesome, but it adds a ton of noise, and I'm sure apple will release their own adaptation of it soon enough since it's just software based.

  5. imo pixel 3 camera was better in still images but iphone XS was not far behind. daylight,low light, potrait, selfies shots goes to pixel 3.. in the video department where the iphone XS really shines against the pixel 3..

  6. Pixel definitely has best camera for photos, but iPhone is much better looking video imo. Sound isn’t even a contest, the Pixel is laughable. I suppose if your choosing it comes down to what’s more important, photos or video. Just a shame each phone wasn’t as good as the other and it only came down to os preference ?

  7. Great review, super helpful. ANYONE KNOW A GOOD SOLUTION TO THE AUDIO ON PIXEL? Oh noooo that audio on the pixel SUCKS. thats a bummer, I was all in on the pixel, but that audio is very noticeable. I'm still feelin the pixel for images and a few other features, but damn i gotta find a solution to that audio.

  8. Excellent Unbiased Reviewer….No one can beat Google Pixel in camera department…..and it's night shot is top class…..and it's superb resolution mode is equally better than telephoto zoom??

  9. iPhone is MUCH better. Pixel looks WAAAY to over processed and fake on color. Added contrast and sharpness can be done in post.

  10. Man, the pictures look so much better on the Pixel. You said you thought the front facing camera in the XS beat out the pixel just a little bit but I thought the opposite. However, for the 4K video I have no idea why you thought the Pixel was better. The colors looked washed out, not really sure why you came to that conclusion.

  11. I'm an android fan but i can admit the iphone takes the better videos. The pixel is my preference for photos though. I like my shadows. As a non-apple fan though, I'm very pleased with how good the iphone is. I'd actually consider one if I liked ios.