iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 Review // Don’t Buy the iPhone?

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iPhone XS vs Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL. The best review and comparison you’ll find on the internet. The twins battle it at between the two best smartphones on the market. Which one do you prefer? Watch for the full review! Includes Camera Comparisons!

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  1. I'm pretty new to your channel, so I have no idea who came out with it first, and frankly it doesn't matter, but this is a nice homage to The Verge's Vs with Lauren Goode! I miss her videos so much, so nice to see them on this channel!

  2. U cant argue the camera part . Google software will Eat Apple cams Alive.. the amount of Crisp Detail.. and Natural colors and even new night site.. apple cant pull off that kinda photos in night.. nd truely revolutionary change from Pixel I didn't expect..

    Well I use.. iPhone 6 gonna pick pixel..

  3. I don’t want to start a discussion, but from a long term view I prefer the iPhone. Not just for the updates but it doesn’t slows down as fast as androids. My opinion.
    Great video Matt!

  4. I'm an Android guy and a one plus diehard and don't think I'm changing anytime soon but I love watching these vids but I think this year the iPhone XS is better than the Pixel 3

  5. Pixel doesn't take itself seriously BUT it's a way more powerful phone. Better camera, Ai, assistant, customizability and open OS, plus you save around 300 if we include iPhone fast charger which has to be purchased separately. No brainer.

  6. Y'all dumb asses and the notch. I've owned the device for 5 days and I don't even notice it. What about iPhone where you have to buy a 70 dollar charger and over 100 dollar headphones… Don't hear much about that!