Is Nokia 7 Plus a Pixel 3a? 2019 Review

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Nokia 7 Plus is now a very affordable Pixel equivalent


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  1. Nokia 7 Plus of course. I'm from Europe, I've ben in usa for vacation last summer, I worked perfect using networks in usa. I have this phone since march 2018, no weak points on this phone. Battery is very good.

  2. I love my 7 plus…so awesome… My only niggle, and its a small niggle is, in the camera… sometimes i have to "Tap to focus" to speed it up a bit… but advantage with that is, you can manually adjust the exposure, as it does overexpose alot… The way im going now, i cant ever see myself paying more than £500 for a phone ever again… been burned too many times by flagships that just arent worth £30 -50 a month… especially SONY Xperia phones… Abysmal cameras… Keep it up Nokia

  3. It's a shame this wasnt offered in the USA .I hesitated getting this on Amazon because I heard it doesn't carry all the T-Mobile bands. So I settled for the Nokia 6.1 which is a good midranger. Actually it is a big improvement over my Nokia 6 2017