Is the iPhone XR the PERFECT Phone?

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The iPhone XR has been met with A LOT of controversy, but I think it is almost the perfect phone for a lot of people. It checks almost every box!

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  1. good for you. as an iphone 6s plus user I can't justify buying a new iphone with lesser specs than my phone. especially knowing that the only reason to mess the screen res and removing the 3d touch and dual cam on the back is to force people to buy XS. I love my zoom camera and the screen res is quite good on my iphone, and I don't want to get a lower specs phone while paying same price, 3d touch is perfect in messages and other apps.
    so this phone to me is a slap in the face of apple users, and I'm not talking about how greedy apple became by offering the low charger and not giving a dongle for their phones.
    probably would shift to Android soon since my phone is getting old and apple decided to play it dirty.

  2. Traded my fully paid iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) at the Apple store and got credited $400 towards my XR (128GB). Cost me less than $500. Majority of tech reviewers are not mentioning this option. There you go Apple haters.

  3. I bought XR Black and just loved it :). Many peoples (especially android lovers) complaining about the display, 3D touch and pixel, but this will not make any sense for a normal user. You cannot even realize the difference in display until you compare XS and XR side by side (may need zoom lens to find it out :P). This have the best battery life too.  Upgraded from Iphone 6s and its really really worth.

  4. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Calling this a bloody budget phone! A budget phone is 300, not 750 plus tax! This is nowhere near the perfect phone. You are clearly an apple fanboy! Let's start with the price. If this phone was 600 it would be a more realistic price. If the phone had a full HD screen would be more realistic. For the price apple are charging it should have dual cameras ! It should have 4gb ram! It should have a oled screen for the price! Need I go on. And you call this a near perfect phone and a BUDGET phone! I don't think so! OnePlus 6t is a near perfect phone. Compare the price and the cost of that to the XR and show what the XR is missing and it's still 200 more in price! Come on get real!

  5. We have to start looking at the ' User Experience ' rather than the RAW specs – the iPhone XR with a SUB 1080p screen has a great display, with 3gb of ram still has GREAT ram management – I know all the OnePlusers will start bashing any iPhone like – Because they are not looking at what matters – Just bash all that raw specs in our face doesn't make a huge difference if someone else with much less specs can MATCH or even OVERCOME raw specs with USER EXPERIENCE.