It's Time for the Truth About Foldables – Galaxy Z Fold2 1 Month Review

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Linus’ favorite smartphone gets an update in the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung’s latest folding flagship.

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  1. 10:41 What in the name of actual FUCK are those shirtless Instagram pics about?! I absolutely NEVER want to see a tech reviewer shirtless. It's just, I don't know, creepy?

  2. I saw this title and thought, "With all the news about mass deaths in Cuba, and the Govn't lockdown increasing e worldwide, THIS VIDEO seems like an important topic to really put my focus into."

  3. 11:53 That would be the biggest problem for me. No protective cover / case when dropping it. And I drop my phone all the time. It would cost me a fortune in cracked screens until I started using a rubber phone case.

  4. The community things on YouTube haven't been on tablets ever. Period.
    And the fold ought actually be running like a tablet.
    In that case I guess that even in the settings you'll find that you can't tweet some things you'd want to and that threes no support to add themes

  5. HP Ipaq Pocket PC!! The PDA that started it all!! And the first smartphones.
    Well before Apple used most of the hardware to start the iPod and then the iPhone and then viciously and bullyingly copyrighting it all. And then claiming they invented the smartphone… But I digress. And now I have to hide from apple's teams of corporate lawyers before they sue me for this comment.

  6. that's because the android users of this product primarily care about being the first vs. having an ecosystem that is completely ironed out. That way, when Apple finally comes out with a similar product, they can say "Samsung had this first way before Apple did."

  7. The masses didnt ask for the foldable phone. The few idiots who did got what they gave you, which was a cash grab against dumb front runners that need the newest tech out immediately. Yes that's right you guys are in a category now. The category is called jabroni

  8. Why would you spend 2k on a phone? Well I ask the same question for 1k on a phone. I spent $220 on a referbished note 9. If you are willing to spend 800-1300 on a phone why not go the extra mile and spend 2k? Me personally no but if you got money I guess why not. As long as you can use this for years to come or do a trade in for the next "hot thing"

  9. when they released the fold for $2 grand, I thought it was interesting but I would never pay for it.
    The z fold 2 looks way better, but still… $2 grand on a phone. Maybe the z fold 3 will be amazing enough to fork over the cash.

  10. Since the first smart phone, they industry has been looking for the next "Big Thing". Was it Apple's smart watch? Nope. That thing was toy, for people who like being on the cutting edge, which is just the waste land for most people. No one wants a Smart watch. Was the those biometric wrist bands that tract you heart rate. Nope. Bunch fat slobs wearing them, who believe spending money whill help them lose weight. So, it's the foldable Phone that's the next big thing. Frig no. Does this guy even leave his home, other than to eat, or watch Star Wars movies? A smart phone in current form is near perfection in it's function. Sure, things can be improved, but it needs to be a better smart phone, not bleed into something else. Okay, so you might type better, with the larger screen. Type what? First, let's define what I'm doing. I speaking of my business needs, not personal. He claims typing speeds comparable to desk tops, with his two thumbs? NO. I travel on business, and I carry my personal phone, my work phone, and lap top. For text, or E mails, my work phone is fine. I'm not writing a book. I have a lap top, because I have to write two, or three thousand word a night while sitting crappy hotel room. Some fold out toy isn't going to make that easy. Hell I carry a full sized, full stroke keyboard, so actually do work. Two, or three thousand words with my thumbs would kill me. I know some people watch movies on there smart phones. Ah, no. I'll go home, and watch on my home thearter system. I do burn time playing games, but will having a bigger screen help? God yes, but honestly, I'm just burning time. I would rather spend the money on the new playstation. Look, the folding phone is cool, but it's toy.

  11. That’s why I’m a apple person, you spent over 1k on their iPhones and years later they’re STILL giving you iOS updates. Can Samsung say the same 🤔

  12. LOVE the idea of being able to cary around a small tablet, but… For a device that I’d effectively either resell, or use as a backup phone after about 2 years… $2k(or even $1k) is too expensive for me😬 If the price goes down before I die or foldable smartphones become as outdated as the Windows Phone, I might get one, but right now… Unless someone wants to give me a $2k phone, I’m gonna continue using phablets

  13. i like my lg v50 thinq with the dualscreen case. i dont use it often but if you do some office work it becomes pretty handy and i can simply shut it down to save my charge. but beside the dualscreen case im not really hyped into fold dualscreen phones. maybe in the future

  14. Apps like Youtube throw out updates every other week, through the Play Store. There is not much that Samsung can do, it's 100% the app developer's fault, really. You could use the Youtube app from the Samsung Galaxy store instead, and see if that works better.

  15. I have zero troubles typing on a tablet. You have to get used to it, just like you had to get used to typing on a smartphone. It works very well on the Tab S – line tablets, for example. I also use the swipe feature of GBoard for typing, but it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

  16. I will never be the one vouching for Samsung, but to be fair, Instagram (both the app and the website) is a hot pile of steaming shit and the entire dev/management staff should be fired immediately for creating and maintaining the most atrocious service I've seen in this league.