Jailbreak KeenLAB iOS 11.2.1 Cydia Work iOS 11.0.1 – 11.0.3 & 11.1 – 11.1.2

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KeenLab tool Download —
Download tool to computer and connect your iPhone! Run tool and perform Jailbreak process. This works on all iPhone, iPad and iPod.

All Jailbreak Method 10.3.X – 11.X —
Jailbreak is a process where you can freely access the file system, in simple words, this is breaking the firmware of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Recently, between the release of the new version of iOS and the advent of jailbreak for it is more and more time. Programmers Apple continuously improve the security of iOS, closing all new vulnerabilities, so finding new every year more difficult. By the way, this is another reason for jailbreaking: if they were not engaged, Apple would not have guessed how many holes can be found in the safety of their mobile operating system. (Taig and pangu? How to jailbreak ios 10? Iphone 8 and iPhone X maybe ios 11 never? #ios10 #ios11 and 11.0.1 – 11.0.2 – 11.0.3 and new 11.3 beta. Your iPhone and iPad, computer – cydia impactor tool, its all джейлбрейк technologies, and more!) #Jailbreak #iPhone #iPad iOS 11.1.1 – 11.2 – 11.2.1


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  1. Links in description! Not working ? Use MIRROR LINK on the my blog!
    1) Download tool to computer.
    2) Connect your iPhone and run tool, click "Jailbreak".
    3) You will see new icon on the springboard.

  2. when running the program: "Sorry. Apple has fixed the exploit of iOS 11 on their server side. No Jailbreak is available for iOS 11 at this time. Please sign the petition to get the Open iOS which can do anything…" Anyone else with this problem?