Kat explains: Android vs. iOS | What’s the difference?

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What’s the biggest difference when it comes to the two biggest mobile operating system? Is iOS really better than Android and is Android the absolute best? Let’s find out where this Andorid vs. iOS debate really comes from.
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  1. I had to watch the video twice. I got lost on my first watch because somethings in you kept blowing my mind away… Nice video kat!

  2. have both of them..IOS is too limited and so much useful ….Also, IOS is not user-friendly….. too many steps to achieve something… Android is more effective and has more options… Android definitely smarter OS.

  3. I'm an Android fan, but I have to say, as a novice app developer, its a real pain developing for Android, because (as you say) there are just SO many devices when it comes to testing your Android app (~200,000)!

  4. You actually don't know what you're talking about. Android is optimized very well. Where that optimization goes south, is when manufacturers do too much – like Samsung. Battery life? I went two days on my Pixel 2XL. I'm tired of people talking about customization. Yes, you can customize on Android. But, Android has more features, utility, and is more intuitive for everyday use on top of being customizable. The only correct thing you said was iOS will get apps before Android.

  5. After watching several videos i found
    Everyone complaining one thing about ios (lack of customization)
    It's not true
    once you get a jailbreak for your i devices ?
    The customization leve is beyond the reach of Android…

    Your hair looks so nice ?