[KB] Android Vs iOS – Comparison

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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are most popular operating systems which are used primarily in mobile technology. If you are choosing between the Android and the iOS, then you should first decide which features and functions are most important to you. We have presented a wonderful video that will present the features and functions comparison between Android OS and Apple iOS.

Android Vs iOS Comparison

1. Quick Settings
• Android, it comes down from the top rather than up from the bottom, and takes one extra tap to get to.
• iOS 7 introduced Control Center, which allow you toggle common settings, control music with a quick swipe up and adjust brightness.

2. Multitasking / App Switching
• On Android, double tapping the home button brings up a vertical list of apps, with previews of content, such as the last few texts, the state of a game and recently viewed apps.
• Apple’s iOS7 sets up the apps in a left-to-right list instead, and gives the preview far more screen real estate. To “quit” an app, you just flick an app’s thumbnail up to the top of the screen.

3. Notifications
• Android’s strengths has been its rich notification system, pull down the notification window, and you’re given the latest missed calls, FB updates and many more, which completes with quick actions like dismiss or reply.
• On Apple, Notification is still lacking, have caught up a bit, with more details and categories than before, but quick actions are still missing.

4. Camera
• Cameras on Android phones are competent but not yet exponential; camera apps don’t always have great interfaces.
• Cameras on iPhone has always been strong point, latest native camera app is clean and versatile.

5. Sharing and Social
• Android is still in lead, if you want to do a bit more with your files, like share them between multiple apps, move them around like desktop OS.
• Apple is close on its heels with its new share drawer, so this could change as apps opt into the native sharing options.

6. Security / Find My Device
• Google recently rolled out its Android Device Manager Service, which serves the same purpose with a simple Web interface.
• Apple’s extremely useful “Find My iPhone” service was a major point in iOS’s favor. It comes up again with the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint-scanning home button, for everyday security, Apple is still ahead.

7. Mobile Payments
• Google Wallet – Google has recently issued a big update to Wallet that adds loyalty cards, easy money transfers, and coupons and offers.
• Apple Passbook – Apple has the edge when it comes to both apps and partnerships. Passbook app comes with built-in gift cards, boarding passes and more. Apple is at the forefront in this service.

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