Kinemaster Tutorial || Part 1 || Best Video Editing Android App [Bangla]

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One of the best video editing android software Kinemaster! You can edit your video like professional 🙂
its easy to use. Best for the android youtuber!
This tutorial about this app. in the video you will know the full app with bangla language. this is the 1st part of kinemaster app.

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  1. tnx…next tutorial ar jonno mobile ta thik kore niben… plz…ar apnar facebook id ta ki aktu bolle valo hoy… ar amar facebook id ta holo…Prince Al Amin Asr…

  2. 1 er odik lekha mane mone koren ami 1 ta vedio te total 10 ta image dilam. ar 10 ta imag e 10 ta choto choto chondo likhbo…. seta kivabe korbo….. eta niye ekta tutorial diben please>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. ভাইয়া,, বিডিওর উপর কিভাবে নিজের মতো করে ইস্কিন পিকচার দিবো,,,,,একটু জানাবেন