Korean alphabet & reading 한국어 자음, 모음, 읽기 by seemile.com

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After several years of research, we developed an app to learn Korean quickly and easily. download the SEEMILE mobile app for learning Korean. Android iPhone(iPad)
[Key Features]
– You can learn Korean consonants and vowels via the drag and drop method.
– You can learn to read Korean numbers easily just by touching.
– You can practice writing Korean with your finger.
You can listen to all 650 sentences in a row.
– A image association test is provided in order to help you remember what you’ve learned.
– Can be used without an internet connection.
– High quality native pronunciation is provided by Korean voice actors.
– Provide Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese translations.
– We provide sounds that help you read out the sentences and words.
– We recommend apps that help learn Korean easily and quickly.


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  1. im really intrested in the korean language. And not only because of kpop, actually mostly yes but also because i really like the asian languages and i remember how my classmates hated when the teacher mentioned japan or asia and i was the only one that was really excited. I discovered kpop a long time ago but i didnt think much of it (i regret but um ok lol) and exact a year ago i started listenning to kpop (mostly bts) and then i stopped for a few months (i dont really have any reasons ???) But this month (wednesday) i started listenning again to kpop. Actually only bts, no im not a fake fan or something i just really like them and dont know other bands (i do but just dont listen to them yeye) i really stan bts i love them with all my heart theyre all so fucking precious and adorable and so so so cute im like yes bitch ur cute and u too yall too cute yaaaaaah >~< oh and i only can recognize rap monster, V and Jimin (idk why i think its because they have other faces idk man but Vs lips are a bit bigger tha the rest ones i think its maybe because of that lul) Rap monsters face is really different (not in a bad way!! Its really cute and hes cool lookin) but like j-hope, Suga, Jungkook and Jin idk why but there faces look really familiar to each other ( oh maybe its because i started listenning to them like yesterday and im kinda new to this maybe???) I started learning koresn today even though i didnt even do that much loooool but i will, i really will. I actually tried once to learn spanish but it was so boring because it was always duolingo ugh but with korean i will watch bts intervieuws and stuff so i think it will be really fun and that i will enjoy it as much the woman in the video does hahaha even though shes a native korean speaker and i am not ya lol.

  2. Lmao this is a throwback . Thanks Jenny . Makes me realise how far I’ve come. Still a long way to go though

  3. I'm learning korean because I think it 's is a very interesting language, it's just on educational purpose…

    Who am I kidding! It's for Dramas and Kpop songs!!