Lenovo K8 Note vs Redmi Note 4 Speedtest Comparison! TRULY SURPRISING!!!

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In this video let’s do a speed test comparison between Lenovo K8 Note & Redmi Note 4! Pick your guess before watching the video and see if your device wins 🙂
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  1. Please do an honest gaming review of Lenovo K8 Note and also try some 3rd party camera app on K8 Note to see, how much the camera could improve. All the reviewers are just confusing us. We have faith and trust on you as your subscribers. And yes C4ETech's Ash is the only one on the planet facing that gaming issue.

  2. My Redmi Note 4 gold and global version(3GBRAM/32GROM) is luxury.k8 note is just a normal smartphone,dual camera which is I don't like it because smartphone one camera is classic. Like Samsung galaxy j7 Pro is classic.

  3. Hi, can you provide info about the screen tempered glass you are using on Redmi Note 4? I have tried four already and none were ok. Thanks

  4. Hi! Dhananjay i want to buy a mi phone many of my colleagues suggested me mi note 4
    But I recently heard abut mi Mix 2
    So, I m confused in both pls help me

  5. LENOVO K8 NOTE is value for money m using it past 2 weeks battery is good played MC5 for 5 hrs without any break and still 40% battery was left
    it wasn't this good in the start but t is now… software takes some times to get optimise 3-4 days … and then u unlock the beast
    same with turbo charger.. it was taking more time in the fore days now its convincingly fine
    obviously camera is better than any mi /Redmi phones… if u want lil better camera go for moto g5 plus but performance wise K8 is perfect combination… even the Black Venom 4gb/64gb model m using looks very premium .. is 180 g but dsnt feel heavy while m using it…
    Sound Quality should have special mention for this phone everywhere ..it is not too loud but quality of the sound in this range is STAGGERING ..DOLBY ATMOS does a recommendable job

    snapdragon better than a mediate is a myth
    Samsung is an example
    Don't get confused

    stock Android is awesome bugfree..
    only problem I faced was
    I couldn't change my ringtones… (custom ringtones) :p

    heating is a issue but buoy its a deca core processor it will heat! also its full metallic body ..
    though it dsnt heat unbearably .. MC5 5 hrs continuous – temperature must be 45-47c

    Thanks me whoever buy reading this and finds every aspect True
    criticism is wecome too.. 🙂

  6. Sir,
    You should make a battery test
    Like on a normal day how much does the battery drain
    I would be happy if you add… how much time we'll get? if we use the mobile continuously

  7. I have this habit always of always closing apps from memory to clear the clutter in my mind and also for privacy, so every time I open apps it needs to reload. So Lenovo K8 note does the job very well. I really enjoy this phone. memory management problem can be resolved through edit config file. But you need to root the phone for that

  8. Lenovo k8 note was one of the fastest and snappiest phone i have ever seen in a budget device the only device which beats the k8 note was…

    MOTO G5 PLUS ( not talking about ram management)

  9. I think Lenovo K8 Note should be compared to Redmi Note 3 *Pro (SD650) instead/too. I'm looking for one in YouTube but can't find any. Can you please do RMN3P? :). I had an RMN3P but I had to give it to my mom. Now, I am having a dilemma if I should get Lenovo k8 note or another RMN3P. Cheers.