Lenovo Z2 Plus vs Redmi Note 4 | Speedtest, Camera, Battery Comparison | June 2017

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The Lenovo Z2 Plus in the video is running on AICP ROM. The pictures are taken from default camera app of AICP ROM. The camera performance is not same as of stock ZUI ROM. But even then its good.


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  1. dude u r using lineage OS.. clock speed is limited to 1.6 GHz that's not a fair face off…
    either do it on stock ROM or custom ROM that let z2 use its full potential

  2. Lenovo z2 + have 4k recording capabilities. Go to settings ~ camera~resolution and quality and back camera video , enable 4k uhd mode. But redmi doesn't have. Lenovo z2 + is the cheapest phone which comes with sd 820.

  3. Bro it would be very helpful if u do a speedtest between redmi note 4 and z2 plus(WIth CustoM Rom) as previous stock rom was no match to note 4 …it would make huge difference in mindset of people who are in confusion to buy it especially me