Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Speed Test

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Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Speed Test. In this video, we will do a speed comparison between Lenovo ZUK Z1 and Redmi Note 3.

Lenovo ZUK z1 vs Redmi Note 3 detailed comparison :

We will compare their boot time, app launching time, RAM management and Fingerprint scanner speed. So which smartphone do you think will win this Lenovo Zuk Z1 vs Redmi Note 3 Battle ?

Lenovo ZUK Z1:
Redmi Note 3:

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  1. hello sir muje lenovo zuk z1 phone Lena hai kya yeh phone accha hai ya xiomi note accha hai please answer me
    please sir mera bujjet 15000 rupesh please suggest best android phone

  2. Okay for the guys who are saying that redmi note 3 is still better in terms of speed. Guys please dont daydream, note 3 comes with a hexacore processor which means in terms of multitasking it should have atleast defeated z1. Even i was shocked that a quad core was doing better multitasking in terms of hexacore, though zuk has higher processing power but less cores means note 3 should have won and that also zuk's 2.5 years old chipset.
    Hence, it is clear that note 3 sucks in front of zuk z1

  3. redmi note 3 phone is fine but problem comes when if there is any problem with ur device mi has got the worst customer service ever u can imagine for the god sake dont buy this from offficial mi site if u recieve defective piece u have to deal with it no refund only once replacement it has been such a pain using this phone performance is awesome but service is horrible i prefer to go for lenovo or any others which provide good customer service ..
    p.s: for the love of god plz plz dont buy this phone from mi site its the worst experience of my entire life ..and i finally decided not to use any smart phone in my life.

  4. i am planning to buy a mobile under 12k i am confused between redmi note 3 , yu yunicorn ,le eco 2. i want nice camera,battery and overall performance, i am not a big gamer plz help me out

  5. Which phone i should purchase. My preferences are Best camera (As i love do photography), classic looks of phone, average gaming, After sales service. I have 3 options 1. LeEco le2 2. Lenovo ZUK Z1 3. Xiaomi note 3 I have ruled out Moto g4+, though it has great camera due to its ugly look. Kindly suggest me which phone is best for me.

  6. if iwant to use the smartphone for next 2-3 years then which is better for me redmi note 3 lenovo s1 vibe lenovo zuk z1 aur Asus Zenfone 3 i am a very heavy user and gamer plz suggest

  7. i bought zuk z1 (grey)2 days ago from china, aliexpress, and i think there is difference between the hand set grey and white, there are no pre installed apps, such as google and music players and so on… Also i have to swipe from bottom of the screen get the notifications and status bar. there is no menu bar, it doesnt resemble any of those showed in youtube review videos.
    may be there are other ways we upgrade or something but, this phone really looks dull apart from the physical looks.
    so please help me

  8. Cyanogen is unfollowed the officials said. now, lineage is taking the place. my budget is strict to 11,000 Rs. so, i chose the best phone i can afford (LENOVO ZUK Z1= Rs.11,000) in terms of [gaming + looks + performance+ powerful (Sn801,Ad330), battery(4100mAh), 13mp camera with SONY XMOR & OIS (!!!), and other cool stuffs….].

    But the prob is – despite this is a very good phone in 11k bracket, i will not be getting updates from cyanogenmod. my question is :


    2) can i get the google store to get unlimited games for free ?….any other hazards ? pls specify….

    and also, 3) if i root to LINEAGE, ANY RELATED PROBLEMS ???….

    pls specify…..