Levinho Handcam | Skill or Cheat? | PUBG Mobile

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Instagram: LevinhoPUBG

Classic Mode
Solo Vs Squad

Played on iPhone X


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  1. The Handcam-video was delayed a bit because we reached 5k a lot faster than I expected! Thank you all for the support, I am really glad to have you here!❤️ Future plans include settings videos and tips-n-tricks videos. 👊

  2. What headphones you are using while charging? The problem on iPhone is u can’t charge ur phone and use headphones at the same time. Every Bluetooth headphone I tried don’t got surround so i can’t hear the footsteps where they coming from.

  3. i was thinkin u had keyboard + mouse adaptor 🙂 but no
    I play Pubg but not mobile and its kinda harder but ur good <3
    I offer u my sincerly gratz ^_^