LG G6 Review in 2020 Running Android Pie!

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Here is my full review of the LG G6 running Android Pie where I talk about the battery, multitasking, app performance, gaming performance and the camera!

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  1. Big problem with this phone was the RAM availability…. The LG Firmware takes like 75% of it, and Gaming makes the phone hot as fuuuu**k

  2. This phone Infuriated me when I had it, I loved the design and screen but that camera, and lag was terrible. But then again, Im a power user that has maps, music, calls, texts and other things going on at once.

  3. I bought it for 60 euros. In my city. Very good condition. As soon as I get a cover it will be my main phone. I'll use my big huawei mate 9 for play with a gamepad with a holder (steamlink, moonlight, parsec, etc).

  4. Good stuff mate. Still waiting for the Pie update in my case but then again, I've got the G6 Plus and for some reason there's updates for other versions of the G6 but not for the plus and my assumption is that there won't ever be one even after a whole year that LG claimed the G6 update from, or ever.

  5. I waited so long to buy this phone due to its camera, I love manual mode.
    Since I bought mine, though, I've sadly had several problems.
    Starting from a "Ghost Temporary Screen" that appears every time I leave the phone with the screen on, from around 20 seconds and ahead. Disappears in some minutes or hours, but I bet it could one day become permanent.
    The next issue was the SIM card slot, it is so badly designed that mine got stuck inside and to take it out it broke, so I had to bring it to replace te pins and the slot. Lost IP certification on that.
    The most recent one it is that my WiFi became intermitent. It was on, but only for a few seconds (about 10), then for around 3 seconds it went off, and then again on by itself. It kept connecting and disconecting for about 3 days. Now it is fine, though; without doing anything.
    I could also mention that phone calls sound terribly low and unclear. Battery is a sh*t, it doesn't last, and it overheats very often

    I should say that I love when I used if before the SIM slot reparation, I could go to a river and waterfalls, even a river inside a cave and I took picture s and videos without worrying about getting wet or submerged. It was awesome. I can't do it anymore since the reparation.

  6. I have read a lot about flashing with the Canadian version to unlock the carrier but what if you already have a Canadian version in stock like the H873 is it still possible to unlock it?

  7. Ive had mine for about 2 years. Its been a decent phone but it does start to have issues after a year. Some of the updates really messed with it. It had one for about a month that wouldn't even let me charge it half the time. I use my phone a lot so my batteries typically last me half or almost a full day. I want to recommend this phone but i cant i had too many issue to say its a great phone. if you can get it for really cheap then maybe. Something that really annoys me is that fact that LG pushed an update to make it to where you cant fully uninstall some of the preloaded application. Also they made it to where you can no longer disable updates. That really annoyed me.

  8. Don't buy this fcin phone!!! the phone build quality is excellent but no updates, no support, bad battery, unstable UI, locked bootloader and even it's unlocked, there's no good customs roms, camera is average and GCAM is not stable. Get a new budget phone from realme or xiaomi much more better.

  9. I loved the phones design and features, but the battery life was horrible. Such a beautiful design wasted in this model. If only it had today's specs in flagship phones.

  10. I have lg g6 h873 Canadian version.i'm in bd.now my device running in nougat os.i didn't get pie update.even I didn't get oreo update.if you know about this please help me.

  11. My fingerprint is super slow after updating to android 9. And phone is laggier overall.
    With older computers and newer windows versions, the computer runs smoother.
    With phones with each update the thing goes downhill to almost unusability