LG G6 – The PERFECT Alternative to Galaxy S8

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The LG G6 is currently one of the best smartphones to buy… despite the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ spurring the hype. Buy the G6 if the S8 doesn’t feel right.

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  1. It will be a very sad day when I have to get a new phone. I love the beveled edge that gleams when light hits it just right.jpg

    It's a tough sonuvabish. I accidentally dropped this bad boy on blacktop and cement a few times, which only resulted in a scuffed frame.
    I now own a LG G6+ in astro black.

  2. I'm going from a G6 to Galaxy S9 plus. I wouldn't really recommend the g6 to anyone. I've had it for a year and is now super slow. It didn't get the last android update and the camera… it is the worst of all. It takes bad pictures. The wide lens would be great, except all pictures look like a bunch of pixels put together. The resolution is like old vga. If you try to improve it in manual mode, all you will get is frustrated, it's no use. Pictures are constantly over saturated, if there are good light conditions the pictures turn out super white, and if there is little light they will be very grainy. My lg g5 was superior in all aspects, I always regretted getting the g6.

  3. Piece of junk. Mine got bricked after a software update and was offered a free diagnostic, but I would have to pay parts and labour. 14 months old. Junked after a software update. Stay away from LG and especially the G6. I have never had any problem like this with any of my cell phones, and I have had quite a few. Like I said stay away from LG who don't stand by their product.

  4. Well my trusted old G3 went and died on me the other day so it's time to give this phone a try. Will be missing the physical buttons on the back but I guess I'll get used to it.

  5. The only thing about these reviews that is not being shown is that the quality of most pics and videos look hella washed out and the phone do overheat occasionally RATING 6 OUT OF 10

  6. The g5 is a great phone and still relevant. Yea the modular thing went bust…but it has a removable battery. Worth it wen its two years old and can just replace your tired battery

  7. I'm buying this tomorrow from boost mobile its on sale for $279.00 that's a $330.00 off savings from Retail the cool factor is I'm doing a boost up so it's only a $15.00 a month payment for 18 months vs. Full price out of pocket.

  8. I have my G6 for over a year now, as an upgrade process from LG G2. I can honestly say that I never felt so comfortable using a phone for a while. G2 is still a legend for a perfect smartphone but G6 is the most productive phone I've ever had. Having two cameras opened a new door to my creativity to take pictures and manual mode is amazing. I enjoy the design without any notch or curves and it's plain and simple to use. I admit that I want LG to take the hardware buttons to the back of the phone again but this thing is doing just fine. Battery is really good and I might be the only person who loves the software experience on it. Thank god it never fails me on anything and it's not crazily priced as well, making it a very easy phone to recommend. I love the device for the productivity and ease of use, along with great camera and good battery and I strongly recommend it.

  9. It took me 30 seconds to get used to lg's button layout. When i used my 3 year old sony (first day i got v30) i always tried to tap the fingerprint on the back but it isnt there lol i got used to v30 so fast

  10. Its pretty sad how people worry about how the phone looks.(who gives a fuck) This phone is just as good if not better than Samsungs. And it can be had much cheaper than samsung.