LG G6 Vs. Galaxy S8+ (2018)

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Here’s my comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the LG G6 in 2018 and beyond!

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  1. Love your videos l like watching old phones in 2018 First

    Autocorrect seriously Omg a good youtuber noticed me!! For once

  2. You can get potrait mode on any android phone by installing an apk of the google camera app. That is why I love Android-the freedom.
    Please mention this in your future videos.

  3. Great work, I have the G6, love the phone but man lg is really the worst when it comes to updates Oreo is rolling out but only in Korea… Plus the camera's software is just bad I installed the pixel apk port and the difference is abismal

  4. I got GCAM on my G6, and I have 2 separate apps for wide angle and standard angle because Cstark is an absolute GOD, and camera performance improved dramatically. Now I only use the stock app for selfies because of the filters

  5. Just got a G6 last week coming from an S7,believe me it's a great device i really love it specially the design and screen,but im trying to selling it again because i can't stand its camera…It's really bad.

  6. I am thinking about getting the Lg G6….
    1.Hate the curved edges. Don't want to drop my phone.
    2.Never use the camera.
    3.Lg UI less complex compared to Samsung.
    5.Costs almost half
    I am just having second thoughts because I know how Lg is bad with updates plus the longevity of the hardware. I have bought a Oneplus One with Cyanogen mod and it worked smoothly till recently (Yes, it really did). It started to slow down for the past one week and I think it's time to get a new phone….

  7. 2 questions. 1 what do you mean by a gh4? Im really lost as to what phone is that is. 2 can you do a eBay second hand phone buying tutorial going over every step in detail? It be really handy and there are no others on YouTube at least not oriented for phones.