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Review: LG G7

00:17 Design
03:42 Display
05:11 Sound
07:08 Performance
08:04 Battery
09:25 Software
11:09 Camera
16:04 Conclusion

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  1. I picked this phone up last week,and I'm impressed overall.Everything about this phone for me is excellent ,ticked all my boxes.Quad DAC is excellent in my opinion,headphone jack,wireless chaging ,IP 68 certification,Speaker is amazing ,better than. most of the phones out there,the display is gorgeous ,Camers for me is excellent.Battery life is probably the only area where zi wish they had put a bigger battery and better battery management,but overall itd fine,hopefully with android 9 it will improve.Overall i am delighted with my purchase.Great Review although i didnt agree with everything you said.

  2. I think it is unfair to directly compare it to the Note 9. Yes that is better, but then it is almost twice the price. Here in India, it is almost the same price as a OnePlus 6 and it soundly trounces the OP in almost every area

  3. I have seen Note 9's and S9+'s lag a little out of the box. Even new units at the stores lag a little. So I don't know. The lg g7 rather performs a bit more smoothly. I would use a launcher anyway, if i get it. Divided between the g7 and the OnePlus 6.

  4. I don't think you can put it into words because there's not much not to like about this phone, maybe you were expecting perfection, in that case we would all be disappointed. This phone definitely stands out in the DAC department for sure, now everywhere else it doesn't stand out but it does everything very well, besides the note 9 the LG g7 in my opinion is the most complete phone of the year so far, also The g7 also feels absolutely magnificent in the hand. Thank you for your opinion✌?

  5. I want to like LG, but they have their share of "issues", as it is the case with HTC, there is Always a little thing that is missing and this little thing is enough for me to forget about the great ones. Maybe next year, or with the V40 they'll do better.

  6. Hi Frank, i'm a big fan of your videos ?? you have compare this phone with the note 9 in some aspects, but if we take the difference in the price in consideration this phone wouldn't be perfect for the price