LG G7 Fit (192 khz/32 bit QUAD DAC ) Unboxing including the b&o play earphones

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The LG G7 Fit is the little brother of the LG G7 ThinQ. The size and quad dac are equal but for the rest the Fit is downsized in memory, screen, camera, chipset etc. The price difference is huge. G7 fit vs G7 thinQ = 300euro VS 800euro!! My G7 Fit costed me only 216 euro(24 x 9 euro) and that is including the original lg earphones and a extra B&O play earphones Like all G7 phones the Fit can handle a micro sd (memory)card over 2 TB and that’s unique. Most your music will fit in this phone when you plug in a big sd card.

The earphone is the B&O Play HSS-B904


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  1. I like your new .Phone but a Music Fan like you, must to have the Marshall London Phone
    OK for a Smartphone it is bad but for Music the BEST.And for this it is in my Collection ; -)

  2. mooie telefoon alleen is het misschien niet al te handig dat je je telefoonnummer zo op internet zet bij simkaart 🙂
    (verwijder comment als je wilt)

    in iedergeval wil ik je een gelukkig 2019 wensen
    veel succes met je video's ik kijk ze altijd graag


  3. “Yesterday, today was tomorrow
    And tomorrow, today will be yesterday
    So ring out the old
    Ring in the new”.
    (G. Harrison-1974)
    Nice phone, great price.

    A happy, healthy New Year to you, Andrew!
    Looking forward to another year of videos, especially road trips.

  4. If you can go and change it with LG V30. V30 has very good sound when you record a video, better than a separate microphone. Just see some youtube tests with audio recording on V30.