LG G7 One Hands-On Review | Premium vanilla Android

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Hands-on review with the LG G7 One, a fresh take on the G7 ThinQ flagship with slightly tempered specs and the Android One experience.

LG’s only additions to the G7 One are the likes of Super Boost for the spacious display and some slick Quad DAC audio support. Besides that, this is clean, vanilla Android all the way. As a result, the LG G7 One isn’t quite as premium as the standard G7 when it comes to hardware – last year’s Snapdragon 835 chipset is on board for instance. And there’s a single lens rear camera, with a stripped-down app for shooting your life.

The LG G7 One UK price and release date have not yet been confirmed, but we want to know – are you tempted by the G7 One, with its smooth, clutter-free interface? Let us know and stay tuned for a full G7 One review!


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  1. How about a video on "the differences" between Android One and a "normal load" of apps on a branded phone? I just want a smart phone without all the "social media crap". Plus "misinformation from the internet". 😉

  2. Does it have at least the option to hide the notch (by having a black bar on top)? If yes, I'm sold (even without it lol, I wish it'll be reasonably priced here in Canada…

  3. Forgive my ignorance as been using apple until now, but is the android "easy" mode on the G7 like the Samsung galaxy 9+? I can't use my external DAC (standard USB interface) with my iphone and has me done with that company for a while. Apparently apple feels no external DACs other than their standard dongle are to receive serial streaming data. If I understand correctly, the G7 is essentially a high performance DAC and headphone amplifier with a phone around it… what I am looking for.

  4. IF the price is good we will get a last year flagship (with sd 835 which is better than all midrange cpu) with stock android and features of a this year flagship for a midrange price. Not bad strategy by LG. Maybe this is because of G6 which was cheaper and people who had budget around 300$ bought that phone instead of newer midranges. I always tend to buy older flagship than newer midrange, only thing I wanted is the updates which we will get with G7 One.

  5. This is what I want to see from big companies. An android one addition to go with there flagships. This is great for those who prefer vanilla stock android with no bloatware duplicate apps and extras and just want a smooth software experience.

    Price tag should be in the 400$ Range.

  6. Still waiting for Android to get rid of the but chin! And to top it they have the in screen buttons!!! If you guys are gonna leave a chin use it for the buttons! WTF That's just stupid!!!

  7. theres no way i would be buying another lg phone… heck! my v10 died on me in less than 2 years.. ic problem… i love that phone.. its a shame the quality is shit…

  8. What's the point of this phone? Just get the pixel 2xl since they have the same chipsets, sure the design is uglier but you're getting a better camera and a bigger battery. Stupid