LG G7 Review – A great phone with Compromise

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LG G7 Review www.mobilegeeks.com The LG G7 ThinQ has a lot going for it, a wide angle camera, Super Bright Display, a well placed dedicated Google Assistant button, DTS:X surround and an incredibly loud speaker. It also has a notch which can be hidden and it does have extremely powerful specs which has its appeal.

The LG G7 ThinQ isn’t especially groundbreaking, but it is still a great phone. Whether the LG G7 ThinQ will be able to outshine its biggest rivals is questionable, it depends on what’s most important to you. Good build and strong audio need to be most important and you’d have to be ok with a good but not great camera. Huawei and Google have really moved the benchmark with their low light photography, though Super bright mode is good it’s not as great as the competition. Having said that I’m willing to compromise a lot for the flexibility of the wide angle lens.

The G7 is cheaper than most flagships, but the OnePlus 6 is cheaper still. The G7 has a very bright screen, water-resistance, wireless charging and surprisingly good sound from the mono speaker.

Cameras are solid, but unremarkable, and again there that wide-angle lens for better landscape photography.

The G7 ThinQ is a great phone and could be the phone for you especially if you can’t get past the lack of waterproofing and wireless charging on the OnePlus 6.


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  1. Is a single Black colour G7 used throughout the video review that shows bluish effect at some places or is there another Moroccan blue variant appearing at some places ?

  2. Thanks for the great review. How does the front facing camera match up to pixel 2 xl? If the pixel is a ten, how much would you give LG?
    Huawei P20 doesn't have a good front facing camera. I tried it and was disappointing.
    Pixel 2 Xl rocks, the bet smartphone camera that I have tested so far but the phone doesn't have a micro sd slot which is very important for me.

  3. Wide Angle Cam, Quality DAC, Headphone Jack, Great Speaker, SD Card, FM Radio, Waterproofing, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes, great job LG.

  4. I've always liked LG for many features. But never the speakers,speaker. Though this new, new?,,put it in a trash can and have more,,?,, sound. Well gotta hear to believe,,and not on a TV commercial. So,how much cheaper we talken? Sounds like another 800 dollar,,try me.

  5. If I never had wireless charging and water resistance I wouldn't miss it but now I have charging stations and buying a flagship without wireless charging is a no no for me. I like this G7 but I wish they would have kept the bigger battery size.