LG G7 ThinQ | 4K Video 60fps WOW!

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J. Williams
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  1. The funny thing is the LG G7 I just got my update with the camera 4K 60 fps it wasn't available back in July the only thing is only got 4k 30 fps so I just put it at 1080 60fps but yesterday October 2nd I love this camera 4K 60fps it's a big difference it's not jumping or anything smooth

  2. Wide-angle camera has apparently fixed focus. Had S9 +, but sold it. Didn`t like the oversharpened image. This looks more natural.

  3. Like if you haven't gotten the 4k 60fps update even though its September. I'm salty. I've checked my manual mode settings too just to let someone know.

  4. How is it on a concert? cause my v30 with cinema mode is sadly shit. My recorded vids have a pixel snow storm on it and most of the pictures too. I think more should test phones on concerts indoor.

  5. You should try out the Google Camera Mods that are out! I've found that the pictures look even better with that. And it feels like HDR+ puts in more work in the gcam

  6. I guess that the main lens has OIS (unlike the wide one ) but why no one test the Open camera application, in order to enable EIS in 4k mode ?

  7. The 4K 60FPS update was available last month when I got it from Sprint. I have a video of me demoing it if you're ever interested. Beautiful video quality.

  8. You are making me want to break my LG V20 so I can justify to my wife why I need to buy this phone. Oh wait, you can't break the LG 20. It has some type of military grade rating for drops. Oh wait, so does the LG G7? If these things won't – don't break I'll never get a new phone. Lol

    Oh and one other thing. The LG skin is as close to stock Android as you can get with additional and useful features. Trust me the LG skin is no problem. My V20 is still as smooth as silk. No lag, no stutters. Unlike some other skins, you know who you are Samsung. They say it's better but I don't if know if I trust them. LG's is a light overlay on top of Android unlike cough cough TouchWiz. My son got me into the V20 and he said "Dad the LG skin is no problem." He was right. And I'm coming from the Nexus 6P. His brother-in-law is in the United States Marine Corps and bought the LG V10 for its durability. Just sayin'.

    But I don't know, maybe you shouldn't buy LG products because they don't advertise enough. You know how advertising affects speed and Performance right?

  9. Audio is really impressive, but auto focus when you get close to objects is lacking. I watching on my 4K Acer predatador and Note 9 footage is sharper but the LG's seems smoother as if the Note introduced some lag or dropped frames. Which is impressive because you were moving way more with the LG than with than with the Note.
    So I like the quality of the image of the Note and it's autofocus, wow(watch it back in 4K the LG never focuses on the bushes). But the audio and smoothness on the LG is unparalleled.

  10. Great video showing the excellence of the G7 camera. I’m also pleased with photos I’ve shot with it. I agree…the facial recognition is SUPER-FAST!