LG G7 ThinQ : First 10 Things To Do!

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The LG G7 will be launching within the next few weeks. Once yours arrives these are the first 10 things you should do to get the most out of your experience.

LG G7 Thinq: Pricing and Availability

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  1. Hi can you please tell me that whether LG G7 thinq has the facility like unlock automatically whenever you pick up the phone without pressing the power button through face unlock just like LG v30?

  2. I never used or use a Krapsung phone, but I love my back button on the right side, cuz I'm left handed so I hold the phone in my right hand, so naturally the back button is easily accessible on the right. Thanks to LG for letting us change these around. But I'm ready to go buttonless tho, when it comes to software keys, but also hardware ones, so I'm not a fan of LG adding 2 MORE hardware buttons when the trend is to remove as many buttons as you can. To have finger scanner and power button separated, that is a huge backwards move to me. I love power button and fingerprint scanner combo, it's so satisfying on the G6.

  3. I'm assuming there are carrier changes going on here. On Verizon I do not have access to extra themes (only have 2 to choose from) and extra wallpapers. Also there's no Context Awareness option. Super annoying that those aren't included with VZW (assuming that's the problem). I want a dark theme and am having trouble accessing one. I had it on my VZW branded G6.

  4. Nice vid! ? I just got my G7 ThinQ yesterday, but can't find out how to get new themes. Your video showed an additional menu item that I currently do not have.