LG G7 ThinQ Review! I Don’t ThinQ So

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At last, the long awaited full review of the LG G7 ThinQ is here! After weeks of testing, we’re going to find out where this phone excels and where this phone falls short in terms of flagship-level capabilities.

LG nearly canceled the launch of the G7 as well as the “G-series” brand, but instead decided to save the brand and delay the launch of this phone. Will it be enough to save LG’s sinking reputation? Find out in this video!

This video is in no way sponsored by LG, so be prepared for a brutally honest review!

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  1. Hey everyone! Apparently moving your personal Youtube account to a Brand Account means it automatically deletes EVERY SINGLE comment you've ever made on any video -_- So if you see me commenting again to you, it's just me doing my best to remember what my response was. Follow me on Twitter/Instagram/FB (links in description) to get the latest updates for my next upload and livestreams. Thanks!

  2. This is one of the most one sided reviews I ever saw. I found G7 as very good phone, especially for the money. Now it costs way less, and lot of those things that you talked about are fixed with updates like 4k 60fps etc. But still there is a lot of things that are awesome that you didn't said anything about it. Like 3.5mm quad dac headphone jack which give you waaaay better audio then any iPhone or Samsung, but you didn't said anything about it. Wide camera which is for the kost people more useful than zoom. Fast + wireless charging. Smaller notch than iPhone… Price… Etc.

  3. Man, this is a very good review, but u are comparing this phone, that where i live It costs 399, with phones that cost more than 600.. I think anyone cant take better device at that price now. It has more features that some brands dont built in yet 😉
    Subscribed btw

  4. Nothing new, i dont know why there is Hatred for LG. Then i feel people just want brand and not quality and useful features. I don't understand why you even made video for G7, you are better off for iphone and samsung

  5. Ok. We get it you REALLY are annoyed with this phone. 26 minutes was way too long. Edit and cut brother! Otherwise great info….and accurate.

  6. The Bias?…did LG lay off any of your friends or family…You sooo technically…You could be correct on a few things but your overall attitude about this phone is a turn off…Seen many reviews of this device…Negs n Pos..But your Negs are jus too personal?

  7. dude I'll gave you one thing ur the most sophisticated hater I've ever heard forget your review lg to the world and oh yh if you want to now to be real check out my boy floss now that's a legit reviewer lay off the haterade