LG G7 Tips and Tricks | Over a dozen best ThinQ features!

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We’ve compiled over a dozen LG G7 Thinq tips & tricks, showing you some of the best features and how to get the most from your shiny LG G7!

After setup, you’ll want to customise your LG G7’s display (including the ‘Second Screen’ notch area), check out that Boombox sound, get your gaming mode on and more besides. We also cover:

Full-screen apps mode
One-handed use
Face recognition
Always-on display
Super Brightness
Google Assistant
Smart location settings
Resource management


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  1. Hi I was wondering can you use the TIDAL app and use the EQ presents to change the music style so you got lot of variety to play TIDAL music in master version

  2. A problem i am having with my LG G7 is that sometimes an app freezes. It mostly happens when i am texting. I adjusted the draw rates like you suggested (to .5x) but now after a week (just now) i put them back to 1x. If this fixes my issue i will let you all know, however try it yourself if you are having an issue and see if it solves the problem.

  3. If I jump at the amazing offer with my carrier for this device, do you believe that sound through the "boombox" would be impacted by a case? I will absolutely sport a case.

  4. Man you skipped all the options unique to G7 and showed all the options aka tricks that I already have on the G6! I'm upgrading regardless, no thanks to your video lol