LG Optimus V Android Tips and Tricks

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NOTICE: I no longer own this phone, so please keep that in mind when asking questions.

A few tips and tricks to help you get better performance and battery life out of your Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V or any other smartphone running the Android 2.2 OS.

Featured apps include: Quick Settings, Auto Memory Manager

Both apps are FREE.


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  1. fantastic little phone. i got one recently too. good stuff. i think people should be made aware of the "time without signal" bug. if you are getting a 50% time without signal on your battery usage under cell radio usage, you need the fix.

  2. @steveguy you have to download a different launcher since the standard default launcher dosnt allow you to add icons to the lower dock. Try Go Launcher in the marketplace, it will allow you to do so.

  3. get go launcher ex, it's an amazing fucking app and changed my whole android experience there's different themes and shit if you like to customize fuck like that and you can change the whole motherfucking bottom dock and rotate it to have two other optional docks

  4. by turning off data you mean, turning off 3G and not the actual data….right? so i can still use the internet then; just not on 3G but on the slower network

  5. ok i got this from my sis and i got my plan switched to it and my number but now when i try to activate it itsay service is not avilibull and error: 06-07-5101

  6. For a longer BATTERY life, follow these steps and it can nearly double your battery life.
    – Turn off Live Wallpapers
    – Turn off GPS unless you REALLY need it.
    – Try to minimize the amount of e-mail addresses you add to phone
    – Disable background sync of e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts
    – Disable background data downloading (you will have to turn it on every time you use market)
    – Get a Task Killing app like Advanced Task Killer Pro and set it to kill your apps every time you lock the screen