LG Q6 Review: budget beauty

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The LG Q6 is about the best looking budget smartphone you’re going to find this year. But is it any good? Find out in our LG Q6 review.

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  1. Has broken down after less of year use multiple times.. super laggy. I dont have any apps on phone still is very poop.. apps not responding and so on

  2. Nice fone had it failed to put a screen protector my fond dropped skins was busted and got worse when dropped I miss it screen got damaged would go back on

  3. Just got this phone today. It's still charging but the truth is this phone feels amazing in the hand. it looks amazing when using it too. The 2019 software updates will hopefully improve on some of the things mentioned here but otherwise, I think it's pretty awesome so far.

  4. I dont really care about the camera because i barely use the camera but still the whole phone is a big step up from my old phone, my old phone was a zte obsidian if u have no idea what this is look it up you will be suprised of how bad that phone is comapred to this one so im happy i got this phone. And also my old phone had a total of 3.71 gb and the system apps take up like 2 gb from the start while the lg q6 i hace has 32 gb so thats a huge step up dont you think?(btw what does thongles mean not the sexual one the one that he said in this video?)

  5. Got his for $50 from my provider a year ago and its a good phone for my needs. Battery lasts the whole day, Android 8, don't take a lot of pics so the camera is fine, great display

  6. Worst piece of engineering..everything is just sooo bad in this device..gets heated up very very quickly just within few minutes of normal usage,battery soooo poor,no fingerfrint,very very cheap and inefficient processor,very very poor secondary camera,the facelock doesnt work at all even in good lighting conditions,no updates at all,device is heavy and lot more disadvantages with the only advantage being a decent looking display(even tats not very cool at all).. please dont buy this device pleaaaase..also the gaming is sooooooooo poor,i wasted 13500 rupees on thiss oh God!

  7. Bad phone. Have the South African K10 2017.
    For this one they cut out the fingerprint reader and the NFC capability, still selling it at the normal price. I bought it thinking it at least had NFC. Last LG phone I am buying.

    Why the LG Q6 is not a good buy:
    Same camera as the K10 2017, this camera cannot focus, anything that is less than a handspan away is blurred, anything more than about 20m if you are taking a wider shot is also blurred (e.g. sky is completely white) unless HDR is used and then it still doesn't look that nice.

    Screen: Very sure this phone will lag, that processor barely rates to 1080p. Curved screen top and bottom is not user friendly. Not a that bright screen.
    RAM/storage: Note that you will probably get the 16GB version, this version has 2GB of RAM. Be sure to check this.
    Moved the lock screen button away from the back. Just why?
    This phone is still on Nougat.

    Only saving grace this phone has is:
    They finally upped the resolution and reduced the bezels. My LG G3S (and my friend's G4S) had less bezels than the K10 2017.

    Here it competes with the P10, which is a substantially better phone or the Nokia 6.1 which is 2/3 of the price and also quite a bit better. No point getting this phone.