LG Q7 Plus Vs Samsung A6 SPECS REVIEW (Metro PCS by T-mobile/Cricket/Boost Mobile)

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#Metropcs #samsung #LG
LG q7 plus Vs SAMSUNG A6
LG q7+ Full Review
Samsung galaxy A6 Full Review
#metropcs #samsung2018 #samsung
Metro By T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy A6 FULL REVIEW
samsung a6 Cricket wireless
samsung a6 Boost Mobile
Samsung a6 Metro PCS
Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) Metro pcs metro by tmobile / Cricket / Boost mobile review and unboxing
samsung a6
شرح مزايا سامسونج جالاكسي اي 6 الجديد 2018 بالعربي – Samsung A6 2018 Arabic
شرح سامسونج جالاكسي بالعربي
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  1. Whats up #JGNAtion in this video we compare the specs of both the LG Q7+ and Samsung Galaxy A6 – COMPLETE SHOWDOWN Between the 2 phones is still in the works, didn't want to leave you guys empty for today but I will be uploading that video Sunday!! stay tuned and make sure you have the notification bell turned on!!!

  2. Maybe it's the camera angle but they look a lot more different in size than only one fifty-fifth larger (One is 56/55 ths as big). 1:58

    Or is that due to one of them having an "edgeless display" or "frameless display" – I'm not sure of the term used for that.

  3. That's the rub with lower end cell phones at MPCS .. The A6 Plus would be a better Comparison to the LG Q7+ .. I can't stand it getting the lower end of the A6 model .. At least LG is giving you a better specked out phone ..Samsung is watering down their lower end phones to not compete in any way with their flagship

  4. Man thank you so much for making this kind of videos.. that really helps me out a lot… Can't wait to see Sunday video though…keep up the good work bro. ????????????

  5. The (US Version) A6 has a better processor. While the clock speed of the Q7+ is higher it still doesn’t offer the performance. On Geekbench the A6 scores 1218 single core and 4158 multi core. The A6 has 2 A73 performance cores and 6 A53 cores. That’s why it performs so shockingly well.

  6. It's the Galaxy A6 for me! JG? What can I say? Your reviews are remarkable and I can always count on you to make a reliable, sound and wise decision when it comes to picking up a phone! Thank you!! ?

  7. Just so everyone knows the Samsung A6 has a bug that is very well known…my wife had this phone and had nothing but problems from it….just letting everyone know…

  8. I need a new phone so bad I have a broken face Stylo the first one with a virus by boost its so sad? a drop calls it calls people when it wants to it opens app it closes apps I can barely hear half the time and everything keeps changing around on my homescreen bad self not to mention the huge cracks just running down the front of it I'm thinking about trying to switch from boost I had a newer phone which was the ZTE Max Pro that had problems and they would not send me a new one so I went back to my old phone which is this piece of crap and I'm just disgusted at this point