LG Stylo 4 vs iPhone XR | Who Will Win?

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LG Stylo 4 vs iPhone XR | Who Will Win?

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  1. Just picked up the LG Stylo 4 from Amazon for $180. Loving the phone so far. It's been awesome for everything I need it to do. I'm not an apple fan and there is no way I would pay that much fo a phone.

  2. stylo doesnt have a ugly stupid notch in the middle of the screen.. thats a win already. why do ppl buy these stupid iPhones. that notch would bug the shit out of me.

  3. I just got the Stylo 4 a couple of days ago as an Amazon Prime member for only $180. And it's easily exceeded all of my expectations! I love the size, the display, the big battery, and, of course, the stylus. Is the stylus as good as the S-Pen on the Note 9? Of course not. But it's probably 90% as good, and costs only 20% of the price of a Note 9. I've got the unlocked 3GB RAM version, and while the processor is nothing special, it's also much better than I expected. I never play graphically-intensive games on my phone anyway, and for everyday use, it's absolutely fine. And the display is much better (more vivid and bright) than I had any right to expect at this price point. If you like using a stylus at all, this phone is a no-brainer! And even if you're not a stylus fan, this might just be the best phone available at this price point anyway. Highly recommended!

  4. I just bought this phone. Amazing phone. Can't believe it's 250. Water proof and battery is awesome. Screen great. The only complaint I have is the speaker could be a bit better. But that's it.

  5. Does the iPhone xr have a pen? Does it have widgets? Does it have anything ? That's why it's a bit quicker in some areas. Just what until new snapdragon a.i chip comes out. Goodbye iPhone and goodbye high priced phones.

  6. Styl is better. Comes with a pen. It's bigger. And im not paying 600 bucks more so only a few things are .2 sec faster. Also the iPhone chip isn't that great. The only reason why it's a bit quicker in some things is because iPhones don't have have the stuff android has. U put a snap dragon chip in iPhone and it will perform the same.

  7. The LG Stylo 4 plus is it's probably the best choice compare to the Apple's newest iPhoneI heard that there's some connectivity problems on wifi and and higher quality videos that are in 4k