LG Stylo 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Full Comparison

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LG Stylo 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Full Comparison

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  1. A very honest review. All important features explained. I like LG – have had several . Nice thing is many LGs have removable battery “?
    Unless the phone morphed into Jennifer Lopez at night I ain't paying no damn $1100. !!

  2. Cool I just dropped and broke my phone 2 weeks ago and have been looking around I used to have a Stylo 2 and loved it and looking for a new LG as opposed to Samsung again,But where do you get it for 79.00 All i have seen are lowest 150 at boost?

  3. Got myself a note 9 and I also got my mother a stylo 4. Now the stylo 4 is a rock solid phone in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness, however when comparing to the note 9 there is an obvious power gap between the two. My note 9 can run 1 pokemon go, 2 azur lane, 3 discord chat, 4 honkai impact 3. All at the same time without losing performance in any of them. Where as the stylo 4 closes pokemon go when my mother accidently hits the home icon. This is not to say the stylo 4 lacks power. As it runs honkai and near max setting flawlessly it is a beast in it's own right. What I'm getting at is comparing a 200$ phone and a 900$ phone is a nice idea but the 900$ phone is going to out perform the 200$ phone in terms of computing power. (Excluding apple products)

  4. As of November 16 I am a clutz. Screen down. Would be devastated if happened to a $1000 phone. But at 80 to 100 the budget phone is cheaper to replace rather than fix.

  5. Im watching this on my LG Stylo 4, been with it for almost 2 weeks and so far it works really nice. Few tgings here and there that could be better but even so it performs great.