LG V30 Hands On! [First Impressions]

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Here’s my first impressions of the LG V30 hands-on! I have been using it for almost a week and I LOVE IT!

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  1. Hey Max , great job covering V30 ! Want to know if there are autofocus hunting delay and any shutter lag . Does the OIS fight with gimbals like osmo mobile creating wobbles ?

  2. Bezels on a phone is common sense to me, how are you supposed to hold the phone with messing with the display? Bezel Nazis lol😂

  3. damage that LG is not smarter it will stink put a black chassis and it is very ugly gray it makes the smartphone too lousy plastic beurk

  4. When the hell is this shit supposed to sell in the US? LG has been tight lipped about it. No info on when pre-orders happen either.

  5. OK let get this clear s8 plus screen look amazing and 10 to 20 %brighter than LG v30 but I hate the fingerprint position instead of v30 is on the best way. I think LG now got my attention with this phone just cuz the design screen large and wide perfect size for me I do wish that the battery capacity would be 3500.

  6. I dont use the ir on my v20 frequently but when i do it is very convenient. It would have been an icing on the cake if the v30 still retained the IR blaster. Makes it standout from the rest of the same looking phones out there.

  7. Max Lee which one can you recommend Galaxy Note8 or LG V30? I'm more into music listening and watching movies, my concern about LG V30 is battery life they are not the best in Optimizing apps, in my past LG G6 experience the display is a bit dim you have to go all the way up to 70% to appreciate the brightness of the display, in my S8+ experience battery is really really good with has 8 hours SOT more. Hope you can help me decide. I'm using now Xperia XZ Premium the battery is same as G6 not that good.

  8. Max Lee needs to hit a million subscriber I've been following Max Lee and floss since they were in the 10,000 fans… come on people let's support the community and subscribe to Max Lee and floss

  9. been hearing very positive reviews about this phone. so far its got a lot of hits, pray the software is not crappy. that has always been LG's flaw

  10. Peoples saying the v30 or any LG phone is worth saving a couple hundred dollars…lmao…it will be the worst money you ever saved