LG V30 Review

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Lisa Gade reviews the LG V30, the company’s high end big screen Android smartphone for late fall 2017. The V30 has a 6” widescreen 18:9 POLED display with 2880 x 1440 resolution, IP68 water resistance, a rear fingerprint scanner and a 32 bit Quad audio DAC for the headphone jack. The phone ships with Android 7.1 and Android 8 Oreo should be here at the beginning of 2018.

The V30 has the top dog Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage plus a microSD card slot (The V30+ has 128GB storage). Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, a high res front camera, Daydream VR support and wireless charging are standard. It has dual rear cameras- a main 16MP camera with glass lens and a 13MP ultra wide rear camera. Camera features include RAW and LOG support and Cine modes for video. US pricing is $800.


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  1. I have the LG G6 and with Lastpass installed, I cannot use the LG launcher. It's just too laggy. I had to go with the Google Launcher but that's what I usually do anway.

  2. I'd never buy one of these expensive phones if he asked me their gimmick II got a $150 1 and it does the same thing as a note 8 essays or any these high end devices would do

  3. Lg here's some advice.
    Get the V series out before the Samsung note and Apple series release. Watching on my beautiful note 8.
    To have any chance to compete you have to market better Lg.
    I still won't buy your phone's but this is the first time in a long time an Lg phone interested me.
    V40 needs to come out the blocks early and strong. If not, Huawei will pounce on them like a fly on squat, and the V series will begin to fade.
    With Sony reworking their design you have them coming strong.
    Samsungs the phone to beat.

  4. This is a nice phone with two exceptions, the front facing camera which is just about junk. Not a good selfie camera. Second, the blue tint of the display which is evident when tilting the phone. I owned this phone before trading it, and just didn't think the display was on par with other phones.

  5. Lisa, I love your reviews and watch most, and I do respect your opinion here, but I think this is the best phone of 2017 (for me).

    You kind of gloss over the headphone jack with the Hi-fi DAC. To myself and others, a jack is essential, which means I'm not even considering the X or Pixel, so those aren't even competition. The V30 has the BEST headphone jack you can get on a phone thanks to the DAC, and so it becomes a killer feature.

    Price concerns are justified. I think both the V30 and V30+ should have been 100 dollars cheaper respectively, but they've already done some 2 for 1 deals which is how my partner and I got ours, and the price will drop as time goes on. It's a temporary problem.

    I do notice the blue shift which others have said they don't see, but it only comes into play if the phone is at an unnatural angle you would never actually use it at. It's minor IMO. It's LG's first OLED phone, and miles better than their previous screens. I've been impressed.

  6. I've played around with the camera quite a bit, now.  All in all, in automatic mode, I believe that I'd rather deal with the iPhone X camera.  However…if you know what you are doing and don't mind coming up with your own well thought out settings, the LG V30 camera is a genuine contender and a genuinely good camera.

  7. Best phone of 2017 yet.
    I disagree with you about the cameras though, if you are into photography, you will take advantage of the manual mode and the V30 has by far the best one. Also, you can't compete with the incredible wide angle lens.. this thing is amazing. The only issue I have with it is the crappy(sorry) selfie camera. I think it gives much more than any phone right now. BTW, LG had 18:9 before Samsung or Apple with the G6.. just because you gave examples of any brand but LG 🙂