LG V30 Review

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This year, LG’s V-phone feels like it occupies a different spot in the company’s lineup than it has in the past. It’s not quite the phablet version of a mainstream flagship, nor a chance for the manufacturer to experiment with unusual new hardware.

Rounded edges notwithstanding, the V30 feels more like an LG G6.5 than anything else – or maybe the marriage of the G6 and V20 – but really, is any of that so bad? …

LG V30 Review:

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  1. Looks a great phone.
    For a 6” screen it doesn’t look that tall, really nice design. Wide Angle Cam, Quality DAC, Headphone Jack, SD Card, FM Radio, IP68 Water and Dust Resistance, Great Build Quality (MIL-STD-810G compliant) Bluetooth 5, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes. Nice one.

  2. V30 camera is sharper than the s9 but the s9 low light camera and front camera is way better than the v30. The v30 is a lot cheaper than s9 but both phones are really good.

  3. Just got this second hand for 500€. Had the G6 but selling it and I had to admit this phone is beast! I've had V10 before I bought both G6 and V20 second hand. V20 is a good phone aswell but it feels like V30 is combination of G6 and V20. The size is just perfect! The V30 is the best LG phone so far. Buuy it!

  4. Love my LGV30. Battery does last longer. Great screen picture. To customize your app icons you do have to get an icon changer app. But absolutely love it.