LG V30: Top 5 Best Features! (With Camera Samples)

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The New LG v30 is here! LG v30 Unboxing and full review with camera review coming soon. Is the LG V30 better than the Galaxy Note 8? LG V30 vs LG V20 Review and Hands On
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  1. I've had about a week with the LG V30+ and this coming from an x iPhone user let me tell you best phone I've ever had!!!!. My gf got me the phone as a gift knowing damn well I don't like android phones but I quickly changed my mind. The phone works badass and its very smooth to the touch and the quality of pics it takes won me over. I higky recommended this phone to everyone.

  2. From LG G2 > G4 > G5 > V10 > V20 > G6 and finally V30. This is the best LG phone so far! Love everything about it. G6 is close to it! G7 and V40 will be the dopest of the dopest.

  3. Totally agree phone is great had mine a few months now would love stereo speakers performance has been great no stutters or crashes had the s8 the v30 beats it

  4. seriously considering this phone over the pixel xl 2.

    wireless charging, headphone jack with awesome dac, wide angle rear camera, expandable storage, smaller overall size, and it's cheaper.

    i would lose stereo speakers, better selfie cam (idgaf), probably better rear camera, STOCK ANDROID 🙁 with oreo out of the box… anything else? help me choose

  5. shoot man, I said i wouldnt buy lg after what happened to the G4, but I cant pass on the V30, water resistance, the settings available for the camera, and the headphone jack with dac. only thing that would be a deal breaker is the battery life.

  6. I've never owned an LG device so I wonder when the V30 get Oreo?
    How good is LG at the monthly Android security updates or main updates?

  7. Who cares about waterproofing ive had my note 4 out in the pouring rain many times and I never had a problem. Does everybody else scuba dive with their phones into 3 feet of water or something? The removable battery was lgs killer feature now I dont know why would you chose this over a Samsung beside s the audio features that I really do like. I wish lg made a version that had a removable battery then it would be my next phone but until someone makes a smartphone better ill stick with my note 4.

  8. Hi Danny..
    Fantastic hands-on as usual..
    Can you cover the front facing camera in your full review, as the shots I've seen from it, look quite poor 🙂

  9. Hey do you know if you can crop the video in the YouTube app like the s8 can? So you won't have side bezels in landscape? If so that would be my next phone.