LG V30 vs Google Pixel 2 XL

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We compare the LG V30 against the Pixel 2 XL to see which device is right for you. Generally speaking, the V30 excels more in the hardware department, while the Pixel 2 XL excels more in the software department. Which device do you prefer?

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  1. Honestly I don't get why companies are getting rid of the headphone jacks. Are they stupid or what because Apple got a lot of negative feedback for doing so

  2. V30 Camera sounds good, and it is, but there are some weird software problems. When you leave autofocus on, it never is fully in focus. You can click on the screen to focus on a certain point, but a few seconds later it will go back to its incorrect autofocus. Also the camera on snapchat is HORRID. Like a really bad 720p quality with adjusting frame times – so not even 30fps. Same for the front camera.

  3. V30 is much cheaper than pixel xl (250€ less than 64gb pixel) and more compact device for the same screen size. Only thing i would love it to have are front stereo speakers,but i can live without them 🙂 SD card is a MUST have!!!

  4. is v30 headphone jack that much better? I'm choosing between the 2 and It's a really tough call. I listen to a lot of music but i also need a good camera and software updates with stereo speakers. Anyone can tell if v30s headphone jack is REALLY that big of a deal?

  5. Love my V30. Display is awesome. Nothing compares in audio also (with headphones).
    Camera is excellent. Even better now it's been updated to 8.0. Now it's called the V30 ThinQ

  6. Even when the Pixel was your daily driver, you still gave an honest un-biased review on both devices, and I genuinely respect you for that. Great video man.

  7. I have both phones blue tint is worse on my LG v30 screen is brighter on v30 too asfor battery life it's better on v30 for some reason I love the stock Android on pixel and the now playing feature too I find the camera on pixel is better and easier to use I wish the pixel had wireless charging as I use it all the time on v30

  8. Bought a V30 when it was released and truly loved it. To each their own however I sold the V30 Anand ended up purchasing a Pixel 2XL. I've had no issues with the screen, burn in etc however updates are a big thing for me. Once you have vanilla Android and immediate updates and no bloatware you will have a difficult time going back.

  9. You do a lot of imagining.You imagine the v30 has the same display issues? You imagine with the larger battery the Pixel gives you piece of mind? The v30 kicked the pixels azz in drain tests and charging tests and I haven't heard nearly as many complaints about the v30's display. Point and shoot the Pixel wins flat out but if you like using pro mode the v30 smokes the Pixel. Oh, by the way the v30 is getting the Oreo update . I might wind up getting a Pixel just because I'm pragmatic and for the price right now on Verizon business plan , it's much cheaper than any other flagship phone. I was set on the v30 but the S9 is a better purchase right now. I sort of lost interest in the v30 after they rolled out the v30s. They could have pushed the camera AI features out to the v30 but they decided to screw v30 owners over and pack that shit in with the hardware updates on the v30s. Dick move.

  10. This is honestly super difficult design for me. I am a big update person, so I would want Android update frequently. But the wide angle lens is killer for me. I also love the pixels launcher because it's clean and doesn't have bloatware, but I also am a fan of LG's launcher as well. So could someone please help me out?

  11. I hate the fact that LG removed the IR blaster & second screen on top of the main display. I'm still rocking the V20 until I'm convinced by some other flagship phone.

  12. LG cameras are garbage! Idc what anyone says, LG G6 LG G5 and LG V10 all have subpar cameras and I have them all, and they never get updated. Pixel 2 XL for the win