LG V30: Wallpaper Making Film

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Can’t wait for the LG V30? Get excited for LG’s next hero by watching wallpaper making film of the LG V30. Don’t miss the live stream on August 31st at 09:00 a.m. CET too!

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  1. V 색상이 너무 촌스러워요.. 제주위 사람들 색상 보고 고개를 절래절래.. 스마트폰의 전체적 이미지인 만큼 색상 편집을 멋스럽게 고급스럽게 디자인 부탁드립니다.

  2. 체험단 꼭 걸려봤으면 합니다..

    V20보다 더 진보한
    V30도 매우 궁금하네요 ㅠㅠ

    V20 디자인과 음질 카메라는
    매우 좋았습니다.

    다만 지금 겪고있는 잔상효과는
    무상이 될지 안될지 모르겠네요..

  3. That is so cool! What is not so cool is all the people complaining and entirely missing the point. A digital version of this wallpaper isn't nearly as cool and impressive as this, which was made with real life objects. Even a simple graphic designer could do it in less than an hour, and it would look the same. But would it be just as awesome as taking that plastic and organizing it in the perfect arrangement, putting the lights in the right angles, and even using a cutout of the display to determine it's position on screen. This approach, while not as practical, it's way more fun.

  4. on G6 they craft paper into wallpaper. on v30 they craft acrylic plastic into wallpaper. no matter what they shoot still have to go photoshop to enhance the colour. lol

  5. Solo quiero decirles que otras marcas de Smartphone tienen las cámaras más poderosas porque estos le dan mucha muchísisisisisisisima importancia a las cámaras que tomaron mucho tiempo en perfeccionarlos mientras que ustedes van empezando