LG V35 in 2020 underrated

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One of the most underrated phones but lacks updates


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  1. I could care less about updates. I'm just going to root a phone soon as I get it and install viper4android which smokes quad-dac and everything else. I'm then going to disable updates so I don't have to acquire root again. I'm going to try to root this V35 phone soon. If I can't get root I'll just carry my an old Moto e5 Play which has root and V4A installed already. I'm sorry but the sound quality of my music takes priority over everything else. No phone is worth carrying without V4A installed.

  2. Hey Man please reply
    I had LG G6 as my last phone (which i have sold to upgrade)I m from Asia phones are slightly more expensive in my country then the rest of world V35 is super unique in my country I am getting it for 9/10 condition for $200 6+64 (there are also local taxes there this is why expensive then US)
    Also a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is avialble for $250 (brand new 6+128) which should i go for ?? Please suggest
    I like LG software but its sad v35 stuck on android 9 but i like it because no notch & Oled its hard for me to decide for me please reply!!!

  3. Had mine for 2 years. Love it. Better video phone on the market. It's starting to crap out now but I'll upgrade to the 60. But really good phone

  4. Good video. I used to have Cricket, and this phone. You can use an at&t phone on cricket without it being unlocked, BUT the phone won't receive any software updates unless it has an active at&t sim card in it and when you it fails and then you can't check again for 24 hours. I also used a Verizon LG G6 and it received updates just fine. I'm not sure if it's just at&t phones. Sorry for the rant, but that used to piss me off so much.

  5. Yeah but the V35 in particular is REALLY slept on. Its the BEST version of the V30 series. I bought the unlocked amazon prime exclusive version. Got it for $399 brand new when Amazon had it for that limited time price. Yeah its back up to $899. Its basically 100% unlocked but with some Amazon prime apps pre-installed that can be disabled anyway. Awesome phone!

    But it's my current phone right now and I'm really enjoying it. Hoping for android 10.