LG V35 ThinQ Hands On – AT&T's LG G7 ThinQ Alternative

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It’s rare to see a carrier reject a phone, but that’s what happened with AT&T and the LG G7 ThinQ. Instead we’re getting an upgraded V30 in the form of the LG V35, a Snapdragon 845-powered phone with 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and dual 16-megapixel cameras. This is the soul of the G7 with the look of the V35, and right now it’s exclusively an AT&T phone in the US.

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  1. I have owned this phone and I can say that the loudspeaker is an absolutely shame, the worst I have heard, just horrible. Incredible is that this is not mentioned. See how many of them are being second hand selled…

  2. This is a very good phone but will be overlooked due to it's exclusiveness to AT'T. Plus the pricetag of 900.00. I got one for 529.00 with Amazon which to me an excellent price. This phone does compare to the s9+. The s9+ edges it out in the camera department but other than that it's a very good contender!

  3. Now that this is $700 and unlocked from Amazon I'm definitely grabbing this before I switch carriers. This phone was definitely not worth 900 but for 50 less than the G7 I'll definitely take this

  4. Yea the price is stupid, but at least someone finally is doing what I always wanted to see…a great phone with upgraded internals and not a huge redo. New SD, camera, mics…software good enough.

  5. Might be my next flagship because it has no notch, a headphone jack, and LG's bootloader policy is light. So I might be able to get rid of the bloatware and run it in a stock Android like manner.

  6. theres this guy named DroidModderX and he just posted a video on how to unlock the sim so u can use this phone for any carrier for those who are interested anyway lol

  7. I think getting rid of the notch is a good thing if you can swing it. As for boom box speakers and AI keys, to me, those are just kinda gimmicky. I'd rather have the better hardware.

  8. Lg going crazy with the v30 series 👽. I love my v30 but I'll wait till v40 series or 50 series if they still with that name route. Such underrated phones.

  9. felt like I just got my V30 even tho its been a while and pop another update one already,,,, I am Thinking Q …. whats that even mean … at least there is no notch

  10. Im getting an Unlocked V30 for my birthday and the fact that this is AT&T exclusive pushes my buttons and pisses me off to no end. I'm still gonna save my parents the extra 100 bucks anyway because its a stupid choice to get this over the v30

  11. Seems like LG just OnePlus'd g7 owners (op3>3T, op5>5t). Why even release the g7, just release the best phone they're able to create and stop with these little upgrades so close in launch from eachother