LG V35 ThinQ Hands-On Review

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Love last year’s LG V30? Apparently, LG does, because it’s re-releasing the phone with updated specifications. The LG V35 ThinQ looks exactly the same as LG’s 2017 V-series flagship, but its internals are akin to the recently-announced LG G7 ThinQ. If you’re not a fan of the notch design on the G7, the V35 may be up your alley. It may be a little tough to purchase at the moment, however, because the phone is only available on AT&T and Google’s Project Fi network — two places where you can’t buy the G7.

You may not recall, but LG also released the V30S ThinQ earlier this year at Mobile World Congress. Releasing so many phones within months is confusing, and there aren’t many differences between them. Still, just because the V35 is like its predecessors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it.



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  1. This is what the V30 just should have been to begin with, it felt rushed and just these small tweaks make it worth an upgrade especially at the discount price

  2. Only major gripe is forcing me to shoot 16mp pics in 4:3 instead of 16:9 😡 at least this isn't the case in video. You can drop to 12mp to shoot 16:9 though

  3. V35 released Where's the release for Europe. Getting a V30 is hard enough. Why is the US favoured over Europe, Asia. If LG really wanted to beat Apple, Samsung keep the same specs for all countries and release in all countries.