LG V35 ThinQ review

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Available on AT&T and Google Project Fi, the $900 LG V35 is a premium phone that’s gunning for the Galaxy S9 Plus.
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  1. this is literally the best notchless curveless phone ever made and no one is talking about it
    i have the v30 plus and knowing they will never make the same one with updated cpu+gpu it makes me want to cry.
    for example my dream phone is the lavender color v30 (v30, v30+, v35 they're all the same on the outside) with the cpu, gpu and camera of the v60( snapdragon 865 and adreno 650) and 8gb ram but the only upgrade i can do right now is to is to get a v35 which is not even sold in my country

  2. Still rockin the V20. Though i modded the thermal.conf.file so the ADRENO 530 and Snapdragon 820 can shine. No thermal throttling or hitches in games which is great. Overclocked the SD820 to 820 Specs along with 5%GPU performance bump. And with a 2 3rd party 4000mHA 🔋
    I can go 2 days without hunting for a outlet. I need my ausio, so the ESS Sabre dac with some special mods, takes care of that. and with a pair of underatted LG tones HBS-770's aptX is present. When i dont have my tones the dac can easily push my Klipsh Ear buds to the 50ohm spec with no issues.

  3. sompares it to S9+ and says that S9+ has software goodies likes iris scanner (which is hardware) and Bixby (which is worse than Google assistant), ARE YOU SERIOUS?? 😁

  4. I started with the V10 then upgraded to a refurb'd V20. It's going to be hard to upgrade to something that doesn't have a removable battery cover and expandable micro SD slot.

  5. Ended up getting this phone over the v40 to save myself some $. overall, minus the battery, i love this phone. Came from samsung which ive been using since the s2. decided to switxh after they decided to not offer a pbone without the gimmick of curved edges which i absolutely hated on the s7 edge. screeN is not close to samsungs but still a great display. Would not switxh back to Apple for any $ also. lack of customization and pretty much the same product for years turned me off, along with not having expandable storage. stopped after the iPhone 3. don't know if il be a lifelong LG fan but def happy with this v35.