LG V35 ThinQ Unlocked Unboxing – An Awesome Value For 2020

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Today I unbox my newest digital audio media player, can you still use it as a smartphone for 2020? Yes of course you can, I believe that the LG V35 is still a good high-end smartphone for 2020. It has almost the same exact internals as the OnePlus 7 and the Note 9 from last year, it’s only a step back from my Note 10 Plus of this year but it still has a headphone jack, and that headphone jack
includes a 24-bit DAC and HD audio recording! At the time the V35 was launched it was almost $900 on AT&T, now brand new, you can get it for under $300 at certain retailers! That’s an awesome value for a smartphone that can double as a more expensive digital audio player, you can’t say that for most high end phones being released now a days!

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  1. Im just looking for LG variants as my DAP music for also stream like Tidal, Deezer, Etc, can you recommend LG that has a better DAC chip, v35 and v40 is my pick any recommendations?

  2. Talks about everything except the LG V35 and he's over 6 minutes into the video. Shut up already about the HTC and get to the LG. That is the title isn't it? HTC doesn't even exist anymore and he is rambling on and on and on about HTC….sheesh! OMG…it's 6:20 and he's talking about a DSLR camera lens!!!

  3. HEADS UP:

    Just a heads up for anybody as an update. Amazon is selling once again the V35 for $399 unlocked. They dropped it down for that limited time price again so if you guys ever wanted one of these you better pick it up now before it goes back up to $899. If you ask me though I don't think that's going to happen since Amazon is likely selling whatever is left of the stock of the V35 since LG discontinued this phone recently.


  4. I couldn't afford any of these new gaming phones so i just picked up the fully Unlocked LG V40 (V405QA7) which has about 30 different BANDS supporting any carrier including BANDS 66 and 71. Which work perfect on the carrier i use, T-Mobile. The fully unlocked model actually has USB-C to HDMI out through Slimport. Some models do not have this. Like the FM radio. Also another bonus is the community over at "XDA" has gained ROOT on the V40, except for the T-Mobile variant. It'll eventually get ROOT. That's why i hunted the fully unlocked version. They actually used a engineering bootloader file from the V35, to force flash its bootloader to one of the V40's boot partitions. Pretty clever, that someone realized that the SD845 has a open back door. Kind of like forcing the ESS SABRE qDAC in high impedance mode just by holding the mic or play button down on the earbuds while plugging them in. I just figured this out today when plugging in the LG earbuds.

    I haven't seen anyone post this on the XDA forums, so i should get over there and start posting. But, before that, let me tell you guys and girl's what i did with my V40.

    I got the Unlocked V40 soon as i heard that ROOT was possible. Most probably know about LG's infamous micro stutter and thermal throttling when the phone isn't even hot. The first thing to fix is the micro stutter in games and software. All that needs to be done, is to change the temperature threshold in the thermal.conf.file. LG sets the Adreno 630 GPU to throttle at 50°c. That is way to low of a throttle temp. The reason Oneplus phones are so fast is they have a much higher thermal throttle temp set. So, basically changing the Adreno 630's thermal throttling temp to 80°c will guarantee no micro stutters in games. The Adreno 630 will stay at 700MHz just like Oneplus phones do. You can also set the temperature parameters on the Snapdragon 845's CPU cores. Overclocking the 2.80GHz HP (high performance) cluster to 3GHz (2.96GHz) is even possible. So, that takes care of the Snapdragon 845, so it can run thermally unconstrained. Next thing is the battery. In the same thermal.conf.file, you can even set the phone to charge at a 2000mlv while using the phone. LG has it set to slow charge when using it.

    The model i picked up was brand new in the box, unopened for $250. A $60 Otterbox Defender series Screenless Edition case and clip came with it. The owner only had 10 and i got the last one. If your not sure which Unlocked version of the V40 you get or got. A pair of LG ear buds will come in the box. Also the model number should be V405QA7. Don't let some of these eBay sellers pull a fast one with a LG V40 Unlocked on there title. There usually a GSM unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile phone, or some other carrier. To get even more performance out of the Unlocked V40, updating the Adreno 600 series GPU driver's. Though, this has to be done manually by a mod. Also updating the Vulkan driver is a 10% performance boost to the GPU. Lets just say my V40 with the mods is more like a SD845+. Its within 10% of the Adreno 640. Which has 50% more ALU's (GPU cores/Floating Point Units) 768ALU's to 512ALU's. It helps out with more than just games too.

    The LG V35 (ULM) like the Google Fi variant is a great phone too. It's basically an upgraded V30 with a better P-OLED and SD845. If the LG V40 isn't available, get the LG V35 (ULM). Its worth the compromise in features. Which isn't much. Some people just can't handle the notch. It doesn't bother me. One more thing. The v40 that I got had a manufacturer's build date of December 5th 2019 so that makes this specific v40 only 6 months old and the battery life shows this. I get 8 hours of onscreen time of fairly hard use. I never thought a 3300mAh battery could last quite that long but, it did. Plus i'm running a complete stock version of Android 10. If anyone has any questions, hit us up over at the XDA forum's. Sorry about the smartphone biography. Just sharing my experiences with one of the most underrated phones on the market. Liked the vid. Keep it up.

  5. Amazing phone for an amazing price ,you could get one here for only 160$ for the V35 ,secondhand but 99% like new , it's kinda sad for LG because their price drop so quickly despite of the spec they giving ,200$ for the V40 and I'm still saving for that .Pretty hyped for the quad dac and they also provide a headphone jack ?? What's more could we ask for ?

  6. I’m only fourteen and I have $210 anyone has any links to a cheap LG v35 thing or V40 thinq that doesn’t scam because I don’t want to be scammed.

  7. This is an amazing phone. I bought the unlocked V35 from Amazon. It's the Amazon Prime exclusive Alexa hands-free version but all that is is software that I can disable but other than that the phone is brand new and unlocked and I put my T-Mobile card in there and it works fine even with Wi-Fi calling. At the time Amazon had the phone for $399 as a limited-time deal for Prime customers only but now it's back up to $899. Mine came with the quad beat wired 3.5 mm headphone jack LG branded wired earbuds along with the charging brick and charging cable and an LG 2 year promise warranty card. Oh and the LG microfiber cleaning cloth and the usual books and stuff. With the SIM ejection tool.

    I cant seem to stop using this phone despite having an unlocked 8gb/512gb Note 9.

    I have this V35 and RECENTLY also bought the V40 that I got from best buy.

    Best buy ONLINE is still selling the V40 brand new unlocked for $300 – $350 dollars. Thats insane! I HAD to buy one! I'm not so much a fan of the notch even though you can turn that off in the display settings which is cool but if I had to take anything from that phone and put it into the V35 it would be the Boombox speaker. That thing is no joke on the V40.