LG V35 VS LG V40 VS LG V50 in 2020 (Discussion)

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  1. Watching on my v30. No notch and after 3 years and zero resets, still fast and battery at a reasonable capacity. I feel no reasons to upgrade. Hoping for a v70 without notch and perhaps I will consider

  2. jump to v50 from note 9 and have to say i gonna jump back to note 9 again. Oled screen of v50 is a joke so DIM and not bright at all. its speaker worse than my iphone 3GS. I used LG G PRO, G4, V20, G7 and this V50 is the WORST of LG.

  3. Does anyone know what could be causing the speaker option not to work on a at lg v40 . The speaker phone worked properly until I upgrade to Android 10 . Two weeks ago . The ear speaker on top works only until I switch to speaker phone then they can't hear me.

  4. The T-Mobile variant of the V40 also has Android 10 officially. I got the update with a Straight Talk SIM installed before I changed to T-Mobile's new super cheap $15 plan.

    Also, the V40 (and I assume the V50) supports 15W wireless charging which I can confirm. It's not a huge difference but still a little faster.

  5. Hey man why you dont like the Redmi Note 9S & find v35 better??
    I am thinking to buy phone so i do wanna know why v35 will be better

  6. Should I buy lg g7 thinq in 2020 l am from India currently using nokia 8.1 but I am not satisfied with nokia please confirm which one is better nokia or lg g7 thinq

  7. eventually we will need a video with V60 which is still not perfect but I would say as a full package still one of the best phones of the market but to me V35 is the MVP just because of design and size while it is still a great phone fo an affordable price

  8. Currently the Snapdragon 835 is very good option moves everything is very solvent not to mention the Snapdragon 845 so they are good buying options and you saw the news friend that LG will get a Velvet with Snapdragon 845 which for me is a good idea since that processor moves everything is very solvent with better battery consumption and performance than any current mid-range processor for example the Snapdragon 765g. I hope you take the new Velvet to the canal.

  9. i love you videos, but there is something what you dont do yet and i dont understand, why. the more important test about sound quality in lg flagship is the jack 3.5mm test with lg g7 g8 v30 v35 v40 v50 these phone are the best on this and and the reason why people like me always choose lg over other brand