LG V40 ThinQ 60-Day Review – Flying High

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The LG V40 ThinQ has been making its slow rollout worldwide since September, and we’ve put the phone through its paces for the last two months, particularly the camera portion, which we’ve used to film the last several reviews here on the Android Headlines YouTube channel. Is LG’s latest flagship the $900 smartphone you’re looking for?

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Filmed on LG V30
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  1. LG phones are way better than it's Chinese competitors. But LG lack marketing skills.
    I am from India and here you won't find LG phones in any major electronics stores , even if they are present they are kept in a corner. Whereas Chinese phone makers pay high prices to these electronic stores for marketing their brands with big billboards.
    It is but obvious, people will buy what they see most often around them.
    I own a V30+ and I'm very happy with it. I am planning to buy V40 or G8s for my mother.

    I don't why people criticize LG phones. LG phones are always best with their Audio system, Display, Camera, performance, built quality, call quality and UI (yes, I find LG's UI very comfortable and intuitive). What else do u want from a phone?

    I think tech-reviewers criticize LG phones under an agenda and it's deplorable.

  2. I'm starting to think people don't like LG at all. Literally every other video brings down the brand. IMO, they make the best phones. I ordered one and can't wait for it to arrive.

  3. I just bought a brand new Unlocked LG V40 (QA7) for $250. It came with a $60 Otterbox case/clip with a pair of LG's Tone Pro's. The Unlocked variants also come with a pair of great sounding ear buds. The Unlocked V40 is GSM/CDMA compatible so T-Mobile/Sprints is running great on the V40. It has AWS (5CA) and BANDS 66 and 71 and gets about 25MB/s download speed when out in about. That's Megabytes (Big B) not megabits. The LG V40 is awesome. Juan Bagnell, onother tuber that also loves LG's phones. But, on his LG V40 review he said that the V40 doesn't support Slimport but, the Unlocked (QA7) version does. I got the phone and then first thing i tried was plugging in my QVS USB-c to HDMI adapter amdnthe phone simply said 2nd scree connected. So, the Unlocked LG V40 does have Slimport and when hooking It up to my LG C9 55in O-LED TV and the picture is flawless with absolutely no lag or latency. Also when checking the response time. It's good enough to watch fast and smooth 4K60 without any banding or blur.
    Checking the IMEI on the phone, i found out that it was manufactured on Dec.5th 2019 so, it must be a replacement phone for lost/stolen phones. LG also honors there 2 year promise so i got 2+1 years of warranty with registering the phone.
    Another awesome thing with the V40 is that it finally got ROOT thanks to the guys over at XDA. Also thanks to the one that provided the LG V35 engineering bootloader (SD845 SOC) file. I was able to change the thermal parameters to the Adreno 630 by modifying thermal threshold temps so the Adreno 630, as well as the SD845's 385 Kryo cores wouldn't throttle under low temps.
    With a Stock Android 10 rom now on the LG V40 i got the high-power 2.8GHz cores to overclock to 2.96GHz and the Adreno 630 to 725MHz giving it over 800Gflops of FP32 compute power. It's basically a SD845+ like the binned version inside the ASUS ROG Phone.
    LG is well known for setting there thermal throttling temps way to low, causing the phone to lose almost have its performance just after 2mins of high power usage. So i went in and created a thermal.conf.file and set the CPU and GPU parameters myself. No more famous microstutter in games or low long term performance. They only did that because no the solder joints disconnecting from the (SD808) in the LG G4 temp changes. I'm extremely happy with this 2 year old (5months old) flagship. I'm an audiophile so i had to go with LG because it has a 3.5mm headphone jack with its ESS SABRE qDAC which is a 32bit/192Khz qDAC with the jack using a 2Vrms port. Its strong enough to push my 650Ω Senhheiser 800HD's ($800) with no problem.

  4. Great video… I wanna get this phone, just don't like the small battery it has. Lol. Many years ago I had the LG Optimus G Pro and I loved it..i was gonna buy this one or the Samsung Galaxy a70..unfortunately i chose the wrong phone. 😐 I bought the Samsung and having problems with it..when I get the money I'm getting this one. 👍

  5. I have the v40 with android 9 PIE and when i watch YouTube the Notch shows. I thought once we punch and zoom the screen it stops before the Notch.

  6. I know this video is a year old,but it's relative to my situation I am in now. I've liked LG phones for years cept for one thing ,,speakers.
    With the g7 and the introduction to boom box sounds. I'm stuck between the Pixel 3 XL and the v40. Both running the same relative price. Speakers mean the most to me. I love front facing stereo speakers, so the Pixel got the pic. If LG ever decides to put a great set of front facing stereo speakers,,, I'll come back to the fold. Sorry LG.

  7. Does the v50 carry the same features on the v40 plus a better battery, 5g connectivity and 855 chipset or its a totally different feature pack on the v50. Having difficulty in deciding which one to buy between the two. Any advice?

  8. A few things im worried about…
    Whats going on with my camera?? It wont save pictures UNLESS its on the internal storage. I have a sd card i use that for. Also I cant get Netflix AT ALL.???As well as Spotify is unable to be played because it keeps crashing.

  9. The new skin compared to my G6 is awesome. Love it. I dont lobe that my messaging app cant have cooler icons for emojis and there are no GIFS. The emoticons are not good and you can hardly tell which ones are which. Make them look as good as Facebooks LG. These are smaller flaws but would lead to a better experience.

  10. I bought a V40 after having a G6 for 2 years. V40 feels so much more special to my G6.. And thats saying something because that was my favorite phone ive ever had.

  11. LG v40 Display screen what I like to call a flaw design. Literally it impossible to find a functionable Tempered full spreaded adhesive glass protector to fit this phone frame.

    Again The isn't an straight forward flat screen V40 phone design, no instead folk we have a sharp slope edges.

    Which translate to the next biggest problems, to find an kick stand phone case that can wrap firmly around the 3D slope edges of the V40 glass.

    So Good luck of hunting down a V40 LG case lid holding down the tempered adhesive glass protector in place.

  12. Went out with a group of people the other day and someone had the iphone 11 pro and another person had this lg phone. To my surprise the lg took way better photos. The video on the lg is probably the best I've ever seen on a smart phone.

  13. Only downfall i have with my v40 is the speaker when talking to someone on the phone. Ive had every LG since the G3 and every V series. Havent had anything past the g6 I think but the g5 was the last phone I had that i noticed, had a very good speaker when talking on the phone. The v10 was bad, v20 was a little better, v30 was horrible and v40 is ok. It is still too quiet and I can ever figure which side I need to put my phone to, to actually hear better.

  14. I just bought this phone refurb for cheap. It has a bad resale value which is good for us but is a great phone! Thanks for doing an amazing video for us who don't need the latest and greatest. I'm in IT and love tech but being on the older side, I've come to truly value what you need and not necessarily what you want…

  15. The only smartphone I've liked using than an LG was my Lumina. I mistakenly got a Moto g7 Power a couple of months ago when I switched carriers. I have a K20 Plus and a Stylo 4+ and I do miss using them. Didn't think I'd miss the stylus but I do.