LG V40 ThinQ hands-on review

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UPDATE: Our full LG V40 ThinQ video review is now up

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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  1. To LG, if your reading this. Please make a phone with same shape as the G Pro 2. I mean for guys with big hands, the shape of todays phone is a disaster. PLEASE make the phone "Wider" again. 6.4 inches with dimensions similar to G Pro 2 is the way to go for Male Customers. Thank You.

  2. Ilove this phone because it has wide angle lenses in rear and front camera…. I think this the brand who have done that…. Other brands should imitate this in a cheaper price… Thanks

  3. I Love it but I'm a comon man and if I buy LG V40 it doesn't support 5G and then I have to buy again LG V50 because of 5G and I can't buy every single year a smartphone so I'm waiting for V50.

  4. With ZTE leaving the premium headphone audio club it looks like LG is the only one left standing now, still embracing the headphone jack. I really hope they will not change their mind.

  5. I gave LG a chance with the G6, but the charging port failed after 16 months. Same thing happened to my friend's G6 that was bought later. Now I'm back to Samsung GS9, without the notch. Headphone jack with good set of earbuds/headphones FTW!

  6. you dont reduce quality when you dont have the headphone jack, because you can still use wired headsets through the usb type c port, you just reduce the easiness of just pluging in the headset without the usbc converter