LG V40 ThinQ vs. iPhone Xs Max vs. Galaxy Note9 vs. LG G7 ThinQ: Speaker Test

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  1. You are best youtuber for mobiles music but i want to ask you what the best phone for deeper bass you have tested?(newest phone)♥

  2. Should I get the G7 or spend a bit more and go for the V40? I have the g6 right now and really wanna upgrade but can't decide between the V40 or G7, any response before the 20th would be great, after that I would have already probably bought something.

  3. I have a V20 thats louder than ANY
    phone i have. Why? Idk
    And i have Note 9 V30 and V40.
    Its a Demo V20 maybe thats why?
    I use it on Wi-Fi only. Sounds better with headphones than any others also.
    i dont understand why?

  4. Why? It’s a cell phone, and why do people want a loud phone I would think they want a phone that have a good sound not just loud, love your reviews.

  5. For the price, Samsung should be the best. But instead, it's the worst. Why? They have never took their audio department serious. We live in a digital data driven world. Why sell a premium phone without premium speakers? No excuse

  6. I'm not an Apple fan (I really don't care what brand it is), but the Xs Max had the best sound.
    Being the loudest does not equate to having the best sound and the Xs Max's stereo speakers really shine in this comparison.
    LG has come up with a unique speaker system but I think they would do well to switch to stereo speakers going forward. Maybe have the earpiece for the treble and the bottom firing speaker for the bass and pair that with the resonance chamber for an extra punch.

  7. Does V40 have stereo speakers ??? Top: you have to put G7 V40 on the center of a box to get the best result . Also try to test different material e.g. wooden or glass. I would like to hear the results ( from me experience wood is far more better than paper box)

  8. I just love how the V40 has a notch but decides to completely ignore it inside YouTube at 1:21… IF you wanna "notch", THAT'S how a manufacturer has to do it!

  9. Thank you for doing Speaker Test. Phone Companies, under estimate how important Speakers are on a phone. They kinda seem to be getting better at it. I have been a fan since HTC One M7. Now the Nexus 6p, is my favorite. Are there phones you tested better than the 6p ? Thanks again…

  10. thanks but this video also show the display differences in deeper black/blue on G7 vs v40. you can also add this little display comparison 🙂